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OpenAIR 1.0 specification

December 2007

OpenAIR is a routing and communication protocol based on a publish-subscribe architecture. It is intended to be the ”glue” that allows numerous A.I. researchers to share code more effectively – ”AIR to share”. It is a definition or a blueprint of the ”post office and mail delivery system” for distributed, multi-module systems. OpenAIR provides a core foundation upon which subsequent markup languages and semantics can be based, for e.g. gesture recognition and generation, computer vision, hardware-software interfacing etc; for a recent example see CVML.
The OpenAIR specification was initiated by Communicative Machines and is now exclusively managed by MINDMAKERS (”MINDMAKERS.ORG” is the legal ’original author’ of this work). It is historically related to efforts such as KQML and Open Agent Architecture (it is not affiliated with those efforts). OpenAIR is based around standard TCP/IP and XML and consists of a simple but solid message semantics and network protocols. The full OpenAIR specification can be found below, released under the very liberal Creative Commons Attribution License. We expect to have the Java reference implementation of OpenAIR on this page soon.



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