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The Character of the Ring

January 2011

The Lord of the Rings is in essence a story about good against evil, and how good
people can resist and be influenced by evil. The story is littered with evil characters and
dangerous situations manufactured by those evil characters. The protagonists need to
interact and deal with those characters and situations. A big part of the protagonists‟
hardships involve the One Ring. The Ring is a large part of the story and is an evil force
that threatens to destroy all that is good. The Ring was created by Sauron, the ultimate
evil antagonist because he wanted more power and control.
Sauron needed to put some of his own power into the Ring to have it be able to
control the other Rings of Power. The Ring and its maker are then separated and the
reader is told that Sauron then becomes less than he was before he created the Ring. The
Ring has then become something more than just an object. The question that then arises
is how much more than an object has the Ring become. Has it, perhaps, even become an
independent person which can be treated in literary terms as a character?
This essay will discuss the Ring in the context of whether it can be defined as a
character, and then what kind of character it is. The first chapter will define characters
in a literary sense and analyze whether the Ring falls within the dimensions of a literary
character. The second chapter will then examine what kind of character it is within a
narrative context.


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