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Hydraulic transient model developed and tested for Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Project with possible applications in Poland

February 2011

Karahnjukar Hydroelectric Project is an underground hydroelectric scheme in eastern Iceland. The characteristic feature of the powerplant is an extensive waterway system (total length of tunnels over 65 [km]) with complex flow phenomena including overspill and free surface flow.
Tunnel Element concept was introduced and tested on 4 representative powerplant trips showing good correlation between calculations and measurements. Next, various flow patterns were analyzed for a set of powerplant discharge profiles from design regime. The calculations were used for plotting Operating Curves, beneficial for safe HEP operation.
Introduced Tunnel Element concept turned out as a suitable way for complex waterway systems modeling. Although vast limitations, the method is promising and gives a base for further studies on leakage and dangerous operation regimes of powerplant.
Investigation showed that Polish Oil and Gas industry would be the most interested in developement of Tunnel Element method.


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