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Artifact to experience : the development of visual presentation of music from the 1950's till the present

January 2011

In my essay I will be dealing with the topic of music marketing and its relative visuals. Especially that of album covers and its connections to marketing psychology in the later half of the 20th century. The main theory that the essay is centered on are the Freudian ideas of crowd psychology and the subconscious irrational urges and desires of consumers. In conjunction with these theories i will be looking at how these theories were utilized, manifest and in some cases thwarted by un-predictable technological and sociological shifts. The structure of the essay is primarily chronological starting out with Freuds theories and the use and expansion of them by Edward Bernays and how they are relevant to music marketing. The importance of the medium is also traced and its visual aspects explored through examples of groundbreaking album artwork from early Gramophone records, the Beatles, Pink Floyd, Yes and The Sex Pistols. The importance of the shift in medium is made apparent in the chapter on the internets effect on the modern music industry. Finally I will explore what the future may look like in regards to the fundamental shift of music out of a physical medium and the effects this may have on peoples perceived value of music. This theme and its underlying concepts are also the basis for my final project, Dot Plus Records.


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