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Cloning and characterization of visna vif mutants

June 2011

Maedi-Visna virus is a lentivirus which affects the lungs and the central nervous system of sheep. The vif gene of maedi-visna virus is necessary for infection of the virus. The Vif protein carries the APOBEC3 proteins to the proteasome, in other words, it uses an ubiquitin ligase to destroy the APOBEC3 proteins. The APOBEC3 proteins are cytosine deaminases which deaminate cytosine (C) to uracil (U) in the minus DNA strand of the virus during reverse transcription. When the cDNA is transcribed to plus strand, adenine (A) pairs with U, leading to G-A hypermutation.
Several mutations have been introduced into the vif gene, and these have led to knowledge of the function of the gene. With this method a cure for AIDS, MVV and other lentiviruses is being investigated. In this text, three mutations have been created, one on W98 amino acid, other one in P205 and the last one on IP216, 217 amino acid.
The infectivity of the IP216,217 was examined by using a HIV-1 vector system. Preliminary results indicate that the mutation caused reduced infectivity of the virus.


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