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A comparative study on short stories by Edgar Allan Poe and Nikolai Gogol


Edgar Allan Poe and Nikolai Gogol were born in the same year, however there are other
similarities and coincidences that make it interesting to compare them. This essay
comprises of a detailed comparison of three works by Gogol and two works by Poe. It is
divided into 12 sections. The first is a short introduction. The second takes a brief look
into the history of the short story. The third and fourth introduce the history of literature
in the USA and in Russia. These sections might seem like a broad introduction to many
different areas, however they cover important matters for comparing these two authors.
The fifth deals briefly with Poe’s and Gogol’s life. The sixth looks closer at the
Romantic era and the genres Gogol and Poe fall into, Fantastic and Gothic. The seventh
section gives reasons for which stories were chosen. The five stories chosen for
comparison have similarities and differences, which are explored in relation to the
authors’ genres. The eight is an overview of the three stories by Gogol chosen for
comparison, and has three subsections for each story. The ninth section does the same
for Poe’s two stories. The tenth section compares common and uncommon entities and
themes within all the stories. The eleventh section concludes the essay. These very
imaginative and wonderful stories are meant to entertain the reader, however in a
different way. Finally the twelfth section contains the bibliography.


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