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Notkun samfélagsmiðla við markaðssetningu á internetinu

September 2010

The Internet has changed the marketing environment of businesses substantially. Since social media sites such as Blog and Facebook has made businesses more vulnerable than before, because consumers are discussing them within the social media. At the same time new opportunities have emerged for businesses. It is now easier to reach consumers than ever before with little cost.
To have a good reputation on the internet is priceless. The first stop of many consumers when considering purchases is the internet. That is one of the main reason businesses should be available on the internet not to mention social media sites.
This report endeavours to give readers and companies directive suggestions on what to be aware of when planning to emerge social media to their marketing strategy and points out various opportunities that social media provide.
The report holds two interviews with managers of internet venture. The main conclusion of these interviews, are that businesses must be aware of their reputation within the internet and social media sites. In addition a research was conducted that looks at why consumers become friends with companies within the social media site Facebook. According to the findings of that research consumers would rather buy from companies that they are friends with within the site than other companies. And most consumers become friends with companies to find good offers.


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