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We, the human beings are not the only ones who are registered at birth. Horses are
registered and given a identification number, but what is different is that while we are later
registered with a name, ID number and where we live, the horse are not so lucky as everything is
monitored. The information goes into a database called WorldFengur. Some time ago I got a project
from a guy named Steinn Másson who asked me to create a database system with an interface to
manage mainly the registration for retail shows as well as organization for them. The new system has
just about 11 tables and numerous websites to work for. It was decided to use MySQL on the
database, HTML and CSS to handle the layout of the website and PHP to be around this all. PHP has
the role of getting the things in the correct labels at the correct time. Apache takes then care of
allowing the user to see what he is doing and making sure that MySQL, PHP and the HTML are talking
together. In this report I deliver my final design and implementation.


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