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Are fairy tales only children's stories? A discussion of the use of fairy tales as a literary genre


Fairy tales as a literary genre is well known and it is a one which many people have
encountered at some point in their life. Even though this genre is well liked by many, it
tends to be viewed as simple entertainment for children. When fairy tales are put in the
category of children’s literature the full use of them is not acknowledge. This thesis
discusses what fairy tales are and what the use of them is, along with the nature of
children and what they seek in literature, in order to establish that fairy tales are more than
children’s stories. To show what fairy tales are and what their use is I have focused on one
of our times greatest Fantasy writers J.R.R. Tolkien’s ideas about fairy tales from his
essay “On Fairy-Stories”. These views are then illustrated in traditional fairy tales such as
“Hansel and Grethel”, “Snow White” and “Cinderella”. The results of this show that there
are elements in fairy tales which fit with the categorization as children’s stories and some,
which do not. Fairy tales should not only be seen as children’s literature, but rather a
literature that can be shared by people of all ages.


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