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A fictional narrative of Real-life Paris: Lily´s Tale


Lily’s Tale is a fictional short story intended to portray the local life of
ordinary Parisians. Instead of relying heavily on other sources, I wrote the story
from my own point of view. As a former resident of Paris I wanted to tell the
various stories of people I encountered mixed with my own experiences of life in
Paris. The omnipotent narrator tells the story of a woman in her mid-thirties
embarking on a journey of a lifetime, motherhood. Her relationship with Paris
began at a very young age, when the visual senses were open to the magic of a
city full of hidden illusions. Her young adulthood began in Paris, where she lived
away from family and friends for a period of two years. The flashbacks of her past
are glimpses of a girl, forced to face the challenges of womanhood without a
support system. She grows into a self-sufficient woman from challenges
encountered along the way to adulthood. The stories are to portray the
experiences behind the growth. Almost a decade later, she returns to Paris having
found her place in life. In Paris, she again takes the next big step in life as she
prepares for Motherhood. The story, through fictional narrative, is a realistic image
of Parisian life as portrayed through the eyes of a foreigner living in Paris. The
only sources I used to aid with my writing was a Via Michelin map of Paris from
their website when my own memory failed me; and Shakespeare & Company’s
website, as I included its owner, George Whitman in my tale. The stream of
consciousness narrative is a reflection of the chaotic mindset of late stages of
pregnancy. It is worthwhile mentioning the index is an informal breakdown of the
story’s plot.


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