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Education, Experience and Endurance. A study of teaching methods in secondary schools

September 2010

Viewing the teaching of others with an open mind is important. Comprehending the reasons why some teaching methods are chosen above others is also an important factor, beyond trends and a large selection of new teaching methods in the teaching profession. Examining the choices to be a certain kind of a teacher, can be both enlightening and revealing, when it comes to the teaching profession to newly graduated teachers. In this study the main concern was, to find out which teaching methods teachers in secondary schools are using, whether they are using various teaching methods, are willing to take up new methods and/or are teaching the way they themselves were previously taught in their own studies? The study that is reported here focused mainly on the teaching methods of two secondary school teachers. They answered both a questionnaire and underwent an interview to reveal their thoughts on the matter. The aim was to explore whether the two teachers used versatile teaching methods or mainly focused on the teaching experience they had gained from their own studies. The results showed two teachers who were content with their teaching and used methods that suited their style and personality.


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