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Performance arts in the realm of creativity

Mars 2011

This essay deals with the confused space of the arts in a society where everyone
creates. It proposes an analysis of the creative role of the public, where it came from and
how the public developed as a individual conscious of its multiplicity and of its desire for
creation. The essay shows how performance arts supported this evolution in the last 30
years and where it encountered obstacles. In fact, we can observe that the public’s
creativity is mostly practiced in the sphere of Internet and new technologies, where arts
are still too poorly represented.
The notion of the artist transformed along with the one of the public. The artist evolved from being a divine objective precursor to a composer of pre-existing materials.
This transformation though has not been followed by systems of postproduction and protection of artworks, which seem at times to be obstacles for the artists to access the public sphere. This essay presents artists who chose to develop new medias structure of accessibility and speed as praxis and reception as an artistic form, proposing radical, fertile and never finished artworks.


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