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30.6.2022Access to formal education among the Canadian Inuit : how increasing Inuit autonomy would benefit education outcomesPakenham, Kathryn Tubridy, 1993-
25.10.2021Analyzing the evolution of adventure tourism in the Antarctic Treay area and its regulation in the next ten yearsLegeais, Tiphaine, 1995-
12.6.2023The Arctic ice high seas marine protected area under the OSPAR convention : legal complexities and future prospectsKontostathi, Eleni, 1994-
21.6.2010Arctic offshore oil and gas concerns: maritime law, sustainable development and human rights : a brief look at Iceland & GreenlandGuðmundur Egill Erlendsson
3.6.2014Arctic shipping and China : Governance structure and future developmentsHjalti Þór Hreinsson 1984-
5.7.2011The Barents environmental cooperation : a legitimacy analysisSellheim, Nikolas
20.6.2019Biodiversity conservation and area based management in the high seas : what can the existing experience offer to the ongoing BBNJ negotiations?Toma, Daniela, 1994-
20.6.2019Biological prospecting in Antarctica : is there a need for intensive cooperation between the BBNJ and the ATCM over bioprospecting in ABNJ?Heinrich, Katharina, 1992-
23.10.2019Canada’s legal requirements and obligations for search and rescue in NunavutWallace, Claire Anne, 1992-
21.6.2010Climate change and human rights : the implications that climate change has on the human rights of the Inupiat in Barrow, AlaskaHildur Sólveig Elvarsdóttir 1985-
21.6.2010Consistencies and inconsistencies in the national strategies of the Arctic littoral statesBorlase, Harry
15.6.2016Cruise tourism in the Arctic : sustainability issues and protection of the marine environment in international lawNordblom, Ulrika, 1986-
11.6.2018The effects of climate change on migratory and resident Arctic whales, and the role of international law towards their conservationTiili, Kristin, 1974-
12.1.2018European court of human rights for the protection of arctic indigenous peoples’ land rightsLundmark, Jan Mikael, 1972-
5.9.2017Indigenous linguistic rights in the Arctic : a human rights approachChuffart, Romain François R., 1992-
22.2.2024Inspections in the Antarctic Treaty System - Instruments for Peace and Cooperation?Angharad Beatrice Downes 1998-
20.6.2019International law, the law of the sea, and the high seas as a commons : moving towards an environmental impact regime for the high seas, with special focus on the central Arctic OceanRamakers, Annelien, 1986-
26.8.2014Large scale projects in the Arctic : socio-economic impacts of mining in GreenlandMonika Margrét Stefánsdóttir 1978-
20.6.2019The legal position of Inuit in the exploitation of natural resources in GreenlandFusco, Sara, 1991-
22.10.2018Meteorological and sea ice services in the Arctic : how fisheries and cruise actors address risk in their decisionPötter, Sarah, 1992-