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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
11.6.2018About expectationsFrenay, Juliette Francine, 1994-
2.7.2018All assembly requiredForonda, Juliane Noelle, 1991-
11.6.2018Allow to leakBrunner, Andreas Martin, 1988-
18.6.2019Anchors and portkeys : a short guide to objects and time travelTayler, Kimi, 1986-
16.8.2017Apertures among the rocksAas, Maria Helene Van Veen, 1986-
27.9.2019Autoencodings of the decentralized subject : ambient meaning – [into quantified affects]Lorech, Kirill, 1975-
23.6.2022The Defined Unknown : a Truthful ContradictionFreyja Reynisdóttir 1989-
23.6.2022A Drop in the OceanTinna Guðmundsdóttir 1979-
11.6.2018Earth_studies.jpg : journey to the digital image­surface of The EarthArnar Ómarsson 1986-
11.6.2018Embassy of lucid dreamingIanchis, Maria-Magdalena, 1982-
14.6.2021Embedding an object : while tracing memoriesHelen Svava Helgadóttir 1983-
12.6.2017Entanglements to the absurd : the body of art as a situationMyrra Leifsdóttir 1981-
19.6.2019Field notesPerry, Katrina Jane, 1983-
19.6.2019Hang on to your ego; everything is newLarouche, Pier-Yves, 1988-
11.6.2018Hosts and Guests : an investigation of moral value systems in relation to natureUerkvitz, Clara Bro, 1992-
23.6.2022If I had the opportunity to renounce my visions and creativity for the sake of removing my fear and anxiety of the environment, would I do that?Patryk Wilk 1995-
24.6.2020In between painting : how current practice and history of the medium meet in a conceptual approachBury, Lukas, 1991-
11.6.2018In silence, I listen to the whispers [Beg Your Pardon]Einar Örn Benediktsson 1962-
25.6.2020Inside the vivid Space of Contradictions : a Search for an open Space in Nature, Fiction and Reality.Fischer, Sabine, 1979-
23.6.2022Interconnection Between Art, Body and FeminismMaria Sideleva 1996-