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24.6.2021The battle of the hard and the soft? : a discourse analysis of the influence of professional languageGuðrún Guðjónsdóttir 1986-
20.10.2020Effects of communication and organizational commitment on organizational readiness for change : a case of e-commerce applicationÞröstur Þór Þórisson 1974-
4.8.2016Facebook for the future virtual project manager : a study of Facebook’s potential as a communication platform for virtual project managementFreyr Finnbogason 1981-
18.6.2021HittaDavíð Fannar Ragnarsson 1998-; Matthías Finnur Vignisson 1998-; Stefán Örn Ómarsson 1988-
23.5.2019The impact of interpersonal relationships within the workplace on job satisfaction among employees in IcelandBrynja Birgisdóttir 1995-
25.6.2020MinnúlaSveinn Steinar Benediktsson 1981-
23.6.2015The missing conversation : exploring the possibilities of designing a democratic virtual platform that would enable users to elect people to converse with each other online.Magnús Elvar Jónsson 1987-
30.8.2016Misunderstandings due to cultural differences : two Filipino mothers experiences with the Icelandic educational systemAgnes Renegado 1989-
4.8.2016The playful project manager : a case study of theatre director Þorleifur Örn ArnarssonHildur Guðný Káradóttir 1987-
11.6.2018Tender Points : playful tools for communicating our healthSite, Michelle Tiffany, 1991-
11.11.2013The translation of Controlling Coach Behavior Scale (CCBS) from English to Icelandic and evaluation of psychometric properties of the Icelandic versionRakel Logadóttir 1981-
4.9.2014Virtual teams and virtual meetings : investigating the conventional wisdom that face-to-face communication is betterStefán Guðjohnsen 1969-
4.8.2016You can lead a horse to water but you can't make it drink : what can the project leader learn from horse trainers?Karen Emilía Barrysd. Woodrow 1986-