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28.6.2022Anxiety, fatigue, and quality of life in individuals with multiple sclerosisInga Lill Maríanna Björnsdóttir 1997-
23.5.2019The association between the Mediterranean diet and mental well-beingErla Katrín Bjarnadóttir 1995-
8.6.2023Bipolar disorder in Iceland : effect of treatment, frequency of suicide attempts, employment status and recovery experienceHulda María Frostadóttir 1989-
27.6.2022Clinical evaluation of an Icelandic adaptation of Moving Forward : a post-treatment course offered to women who have completed treatment for breast cancerAron Haukur Hauksson 1988-
14.5.2019Concussion among female athletes in Iceland : stress, depression, anxiety and quality of lifeSilja Runólfsdóttir 1990-
9.8.2017The effects of physical activity on life satisfaction : a study on Icelandic adolescentsThelma Björg Magnúsdóttir 1991-
28.8.2014Effects of Poor Subjective Sleep Quality on Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety among AdolescentsKristín Gunnarsdóttir 1986-
14.5.2019Effects of repetitive transcranial magnetic stimulation as a treatment for persistent auditory verbal hallucinationsViktor Díar Jónasson 1991-
14.8.2017Functional neurological symptoms : clinical manifestations and the effects of interdisciplinary rehabilitation ; a case studyBerglind Jóna Jensdóttir 1968-
27.6.2022Gender differences in comorbid disorders and quality of life of adults diagnosed with ADHDSólveig Jónsdóttir 1977-
21.6.2017Health anxiety symptoms among Icelandic fibromyalgia patients and their impact on quality of lifeDagmar Ólafsdóttir 1985-
8.6.2023The impact of comorbid anxiety disorders on bipolar disorderEllen Helena Helgadóttir 1996-
10.6.2021Mental health, life satisfaction, and experience of prejudice against people with fibromyalgia in IcelandElva Björg Elvarsdóttir 1997-
15.6.2022Parents perspective on the quality of life for their disabled adolescentsEdda Gerður Garðarsdóttir 1998-
16.8.2016Psychometric properties of the Icelandic manchester short assessment of quality of life (MANSA) and its possible utility in IcelandÓttar Guðbjörn Birgisson 1984-
28.5.2019Psychometric properties of the Icelandic version of the MacNew heart disease health-related quality of life questionnaireNína Sigrún Kristjánsdóttir 1996-
20.8.2015Quality of life among Icelandic people with intellectual disabilities: Exploring positive characteristicsMargrét Brynja Guðmundsdóttir 1992-
24.8.2017Quality of life and coping mechanisms among adults with ADHDRagnhildur Bjarkadóttir 1979-
22.6.2017Sexual abuse, alcohol consumption, and life satisfaction among Icelandic adolescents : the effects of gender and social supportIngibjörg Erla Jónsdóttir 1993-
16.6.2021Subjective well-being and resilience among adolescents after exposure to violence : resilience as a mediatorUnnur Kaldalóns Sigurðardóttir 1996-
14.8.2017Transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral group therapy for fathers : a pilot study, effects on perceived social support, dyadic satisfaction and quality of lifeEva Sjöfn Helgadóttir 1987-
16.2.2017Wellbeing and self-esteem in Icelandic adolescents and the elderlyKaren Sif Óskarsdóttir 1992-
28.5.2019Well-being of individuals with psoriasis in IcelandSara Alexandra Jónsdóttir 1988-
15.8.2016Where are they now? Long-term outcome of children with autism who received early intervention during their preschool years : a pilot study of 15 young adultsBirta Brynjarsdóttir 1987-