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8.12.2010Hydrogen Fuel Cell Emergency Power System: Installation and Performance of Plug Power GenCore 5B48 UnitLech Birek; Stanisław Molitorys
8.12.2010Well Design & Well Completion under Acidic Conditions: Mitigation of corrosion of the wells of KraflaGabor Rajnai
8.12.2010Slow pyrolysis in a rotary kiln reactor : optimization and experimentLuka Zajec
8.12.2010Bioprocess Design: The GEOGAS Project: Bioremediation of geothermal gases and SCP production with HOX/SOX bacteriaMichał Monit
14.12.2010Akureyri’s district heating system : an optimization study: optimization of supply temperatureMichał Pachocki
14.12.2010Exploration of Geothermal Systems with Petrel Modeling SoftwareDorottya Bartucz
15.12.2010Corrosion in the Kalina cycle : an investigation into corrosion problems at the Kalina cycle geothermal power plant in Húsavík, IcelandPeter Whittaker
15.12.20103D Modeling of Geothermal Reservoirs: Case Study from Subtatric Basin in Western Carpathians, SlovakiaLucia Hlavacova
16.12.2010Modeling of IGFC System: CO2 removal from gas streams, using membrane reactorsRaido Huberg
16.12.2010Formation of lanthanum zirconates in solid oxide electrolysis cells : experimental studiesPedro Miguel da Costa Almeida
16.12.20103D Modeling of a Geothermal Reservoir in the Central Part of Kosice Basin in the Eastern SlovakiaKatarína Kamenská
20.12.2010Setup of a test bench and testing the single solid oxide fuel cell at various temperaturesMarek Skrzypkiewicz
20.12.2010Feasibility study of binary geothermal power plants in Eastern Slovakia : analysis of ORC and Kalina power plantsMartina Kopunicova
20.12.2010Considerations regarding modeling of MW-scale IG-SOFC Hybrid Power SystemJakub Kupecki
21.12.2010Solid oxide fuel cell system control : modeling and control study of a catalytic partial oxidation (CPOX) reactorTomasz Szczesny Miklis
21.12.2010Feasibility study of CHiP plants in the European Union using pure plant oilsMichal Krzyzaniak
21.12.2010Design and optimization of standardized organic Rankine cycle power plant for European conditionsMaciej Lukawski
21.12.2010A new geothermal cooling – heating system for buildings : geothermal cooling – heating for hot – humid climatesPawel Jan Lech
6.1.2011Effectiveness of financial support in European Union countries in terms of bioenergy : differences between Germany, Poland and SpainMagda Kozak
6.1.2011Implementation problems with European Union’s energy system regulations in Central East EuropeJan Krawczyk