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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
13.10.2010Foreigners working in Icelandic pre-schoolsJohanna Ann-Louise Carin Läärä
13.10.2010Children’s Fundamental Human Rights to Education: A comparative look at litigations that have helped to shape this conceptSaint Paul Edeh 1979-
13.10.2010African women in Iceland : cultural conflict and social adjustmentPatience Adjahoe Karlsson
20.10.2010Creating Dialogue with ParentsMargarita Hamatsu
28.6.2011Swearing and how to deal with it in the classroomFiona Elizabeth Oliver
28.6.2011Social adjustment of African children in Icelandic compulsory schoolsCatherine Enyonam Sævarsson
29.6.2011Can democratic states and their democratic values secure a fair and good education for all?Gregory William Langlais
18.11.2011Motivating the multicultural studentMichelle (Mica) Allan
13.12.2011Storytelling and writing for multicultural awareness in Icelandic schools : an action research in two partsRaywatee (Ranie) Sahadeo
14.3.2012Education as a human right : inclusion and social justiceSaint Paul Edeh 1979-
18.9.2012Sustainability, interculturality and holistic well-being : the three pillars of life skills educationJuan Camilo Román Estrada 1978-
24.9.2012Social integration of unemployed immigrants : a comparison of integration programs in Jyväskylä and ReykjavíkJohanna Ann-Louise Carin Läärä 1986-
24.9.2012Overconfident and Bored : a report complimenting a phenomenological documentary of young people who were called intelligent by parents and teachers, yet experienced significant academic struggles in secondary schoolSeth Sharp 1973-
20.2.2013Establishing a Filipino mother tongue program in Reykjavík : an action research projectKriselle Lou Suson Cagatin 1988-
20.2.2013Drama in the mixed-ability EFL classroom : observing its effects on motivation and self-confidenceBess Renee Neal 1980-
20.2.2013Third culture kids : the relationship between TCK identity and TCK educational needsLærke Engelbrecht 1982-
11.3.2013Worldwide university ranking and its underlying basis : a perspective of university orientation towards excellenceWenjie Xu 1986-
21.3.2013Hjallastefnan and professionalism : preschool personnel's sense of securityMegumi Nishida 1975-
27.6.2013The road to sustainability : introducing sustainability to children in Icelandic primary schoolsKatla Brynjarsdóttir 1991-
27.6.2013Are some more equal than others? : English as a global and academic skill in IcelandFreyja Melsted 1991-
22.7.2013Non-governmental organisations and education for sustainable development : two case studies in IcelandDrífa Guðmundsdóttir 1983-
30.9.2015Acquiring bilinguality : a multiple case study of Russian-speaking bilinguals in ReykjavikMaria Shukurova 1984-
30.8.2016Misunderstandings due to cultural differences : two Filipino mothers experiences with the Icelandic educational systemAgnes Renegado 1989-
30.8.2016Language acquisition : acquiring languages beyond knowledge in first languageAbena Acheampomaa Darko 1980-
30.8.2016Leisure-time centres in IcelandGermina Kharlanova 1988-