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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
21.6.2010Strandveiðarnar 2009 : markmið, framgangur og fiskveiðistjórnunGísli Halldór Halldórsson
22.6.2010On the importance of including metadata when dealing with Traditional Ecological KnowledgeDispert, Astrid
22.6.2010Opportunities for Greater Public Participation in the Natural Sciences : A Case Study of the Alde and Ore Futures ICZM Project, Suffolk, UKFletcher, Henry
22.6.2010Transforming Realities : Integrated coastal zone management, sustainability and connective aestheticsGeis, Tanja
22.6.2010Spatial and temporal trends of fifteen noncommercial fin-fish species in Iceland between 1985 and 2009Jacob Matthew Cheatham Kasper
22.6.2010Harnessing tidal energy in the WestfjordsBjarni M. Jónsson
22.6.2010An Exploratory Study of a Situated Learning-to-Change Process in Three Eastern Cape Coastal CommunitiesDanielle G Stollak
22.6.2010Methods for monitoring juvenile fish in variable coastal habitats : the effect of a bridge construction on gadoid numbers in Mjóifjörður, IcelandTraian C Leu
20.6.2011The consumption of commercially valuable fish by pinnipeds in Northwest Icelandic watersNebel, Sarah Elizabeth
20.6.2011Towards a Marine Spatial Plan for the Westfjords of IcelandSullivan, Abby
21.6.2011An assessment of the environmental impact of cargo transport by road and sea in IcelandGernez, Etienne
21.6.2011A preliminary vulnerability assessment for Ísafjörður, Iceland : coastal management options to reduce impacts of sea-level rise and storm surgesManuel Meidinger
21.6.2011Geographical and practical islands : sustaining habitation through connectivityPetra Maria Granholm
21.6.2011Community-based coastal resource management as a contributor to sustainability-seeking communities : a case study for Ísafjörður, IcelandLandry, Jamie Elizabeth
21.6.2011Ecological quality assessment for Pollurinn (Ísafjörður) by using biotic indicesArastou Gharibi Hassan Kiadeh
21.6.2011Developing the Deep : evaluating the feasibility of establishing a recreational diving sector in the Ísafjarðardjup area of IcelandDeverell, Alan
21.6.2011The Scarcity and vulnerability of surfing resources : an analysis of the value of surfing from a social economic perspective in Matosinhos, PortugalEberlein, Jonathan
21.6.2011Can sustainable development save the rural coastal community?Brown, Jennifer E., 1982-
21.6.2011Polar Bears and Iceland : an overview, history and proposed response planAlexander Stubbing
27.6.2011Is EarthCheck community standard an effective sustainable tourism management tool? : a case study on Snæfellsnes Peninsula, IcelandChurch, Lindsay
27.6.2011Public coastal access in Nova Scotia's coastal strategyJoshua Kelly Mackintosh
25.6.2012Applying a Coastal Vulnerability Index (CVI) to the Westfjords, Iceland : a preliminary assessmentDavies, William Thomas Ronald, 1985-
25.6.2012Do artificial reefs reduce the accumulation of feeding remains around mariculture cages in Skutulsfjörður?Israel, Dafna, 1984-
25.6.2012Whale watching in Iceland : an assessment of whale watching activities on Skjálfandi bayMartin, Sara Marie, 1985-
25.6.2012Microplastics in the coastal environment of West IcelandDippo, Benjamin, 1984-