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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
2.5.2014Góð vopn á sjó og landi: An examination of the atgeirr and kesja in Old Norse literature and Scandinavian archaeologyMcMullen, Kenneth James, 1982-
5.5.2014The Fabulous Saga of Guðmundr inn ríki. Representation of Sexuality in Ljósvetninga sagaTirosh, Yoav, 1985-
8.5.2014"Unpractical objects." The concept of the King's Gifts in the Old Norse WorldKatona, Csete, 1989-
5.5.2015Traversing the Uncanny Valley: Monstrosity in the Narrative and Narratological Spaces of Grettis saga ÁsmundarsonarEriksen, Sarah Bienko, 1986-
5.5.2015Vessel and Voice: A Cognitive Semiotic Approach to the Prophetic Voice of V​ǫluspáMalone, Jacob, 1989-
5.5.2015Vikings in Space: Viking Age Longhouses Through the Lens of Space Syntax and PerformanceOrganista, Oliver, 1986-
5.5.2015A Falconer's Ritual: A study of the cognitive and spiritual dimensions of pre-Christian Scandinavian falconryBellamy-Dagneau, Karyn, 1986-
11.5.2015La saga d'Egil Skallagrimsson. Toward A New French TranslationDesoille, Paloma Camille Célèste, 1990-
12.5.2015Grappling Within The Sagas: The Techniques of the Heroes and the Knowledge of the Scribes Who Wrote About ThemStetkevych, Qays Constantine, 1985-
15.5.2015As Below, So Above: Skaði: A True and Mythological "Other"Feldman, David T., 1990-
7.9.2015The Wish to Marry and Its Consequences. On Hierarchies in the Eddic Poems Skírnismál, Alvíssmál, and ÞrymskviðaNowotnick, Johanna, 1988-
2.5.2016A Wolfish Reflection: A Literary Analysis of the Werewolf Story in "The King's Mirror"Minjie Su, 1986-
2.5.2016Dying to Become the Un-Dead: A Comparative Study Between the Icelandic Draugar and the Bulgarian VampireStankova, Vesela Valerieva, 1990-
2.5.2016The Oneiromancy of Laxdæla saga. A Psychoanalytic interpretation of the dreams of Laxdæla sagaValentine, Suzanne, 1990-
2.5.2016A Study in Scribal Identification in Fourteenth Century Iceland: A Comparative Philological Analysis of Selected Sections of Holm. Perg. 8vo nr. 10 IX, AM 573 4to, and AM 764 4toFarrugia, Patrick Aaron, 1992-
3.5.2016Digitizing Early Icelandic Script for Leaners, Human and Machine: Justification, Methodology, and a PrototypeMacpherson, Michael John, 1990-
3.5.2016Blood of my Blood. Incest, Parricide and Family Strifes in Ynglinga sagaPiet, Jules, 1993-
3.5.2016Icelandic or Norwegian Scribe? An Empirical Study of AM 310 4to, AM 655 XII-XIII 4to, and AM 655 XIV 4toBulenda, Attila Márk, 1990-
4.5.2016Issuing the Challenge: Form, Function and End of Medieval Icelandic DuelingHansen, Michael Anthony, 1987-
4.5.2016Reimagining the Past to Revitalize the Present: Legends and nationalism in Irish and Icelandic revivalist poetryIacocca, Vanessa, 1989-
4.5.2016Sirens of the North: The Death Drive in Trójumanna sagaSmith, Aaryn Margaret Lavinia Snyder, 1990-
6.5.2016The Heart of Dread: A Study of Fear in Old Norse CultureCorrea Reyes, Jonathan F., 1990-
10.5.2016Words of AM 173 c 4to: A philological analysisCrowe, Benjamin, 1990-
27.5.2016Vikings and Gods in Fictional Worlds: Remediation of the Viking Age in Narrative-Driven Video GamesMcPhaul, Shirley N., 1986-
16.9.2016The Afterman: Life, Death and Impossible Landscapes in the ÍslendingasögurGonzalez Atances, Ariel Enrique, 1990-