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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
13.6.2023Investigating occurrence and fine-scale movement of deep-diving cetaceans in Icelandic offshore waters through passive acoustic monitoringDutro, Michelle, 1991-
12.6.2023Back country winter recreation in the Westfjords : exploring changes and adaption strategiesPrice, Isabelle Iris, 1998-
12.6.2023The effects of acoustic disturbances on juvenile Atlantic cod : behavior/movement in Dyrafjörður, IcelandPrice, Ken Reesha Alissah, 1999-
12.6.2023Towards a dynamic approach to ocean management in the high seas : perspectives from the polar regionsHeinrich, Katharina, 1992-
12.6.2023Bird's-eye view : elevating bird conservation in Iceland by exploring the human dimensions of birdlifeMartell, Brenna, 1997-
12.6.2023Success story? : a study and exploration of the institutional resilience of the joint Norwegian-Russian fisheries management in the Barents SeaBjørdal, Solveig Øye, 1995-
12.6.2023Researching the relationship between fish size and otolith characteristics, and describing the spatial distribution of four mesopelagic and one benthopelagic fish species in Icelandic waters (family Lotidae, Myctophidae and Paralepididae)Matthews, Charlotte Sarah, 1996-
12.6.2023Exploring potential for future developments of seaweed farming in the Westfjords of Iceland : an analysis of regional acceptance and global industry modelsKennedy, Jenna Caecilia, 1993-
12.6.2023A social-ecological analysis of coral reef ecosystem health and stakeholder perceptions at Islas Marietas National ParkBurroughs, Carina Eloise, 1998-
12.6.2023Way down we dive : dive behavior of northern bottlenose whales (Hyperoodon ampullatus) in the Northeast AtlanticNeubarth, Barbara Karolina, 1990-
12.6.2023Biomass and distribution of cnidarians and ctenophores in summertime Icelandic waters in relation to environmental variables and lumpfish distributionsSharpton, Tyler Ellis, 1999-
14.11.2022Women of the water : women seafarers’ experiences in Maritime tourism in Southcentral Alaska and IcelandMcKnight, Robin Aurora, 1997-
14.11.2022Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in Iceland : what do we know and what can we predict about the future?Hoad, Nicholas Matthew, 1991-
14.11.2022Exploring the migration and reproduction of common ringed plovers (Charadrius hiaticula) breeding in IcelandFletcher, James Alfred, 1997-
14.11.2022Food sovereignty as well-being in an Alaskan indigenous community : a case study in Igiugig villageWayner, Harmony Jade, 1997-
30.6.2022Anthropogenic microparticle ingestion by capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Denmark StraitBrawn, Caitlin Ellen, 1994-
14.6.2022Using a macroalgal cultivation system in wastewater bioremediation : a case study of Bolungarvík, IcelandNikonov, Ivan, 1996-
14.6.2022A Ferry-tale Ending? : a comprehensive evaluation of the sustainability case for restoring ferry services from Reykjavík to ÍsafjörðurRobinson, Douglas, 1990-
14.6.2022Trying to grow like a weed : the impact of partial harvests on Alaria esculenta yield, quality, and costKoester, Jennifer Aimee, 1997-
14.6.2022The secret life of wader chicks : understanding the ontogeny of behaviours towards independence in Eurasian oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus)Bobeková, Ingrid, 1991-
14.6.2022Ecosystem functions of plant diversity in restoration : comparisons from a large-scale salt marsh restoration experiment in Central California, USAShikuzawa, Jenna, 1996-
14.6.2022The Potential of MSP : a case study in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and TobagoJoyce Bos 1992-
14.6.2022From science to innovation : investigation about a Saline Aquaponics System : production performance and pilot research on the biostimulating properties of solid wastesAndrea Durigon 1992-
14.6.2022Climate change in the Westfjords, Iceland : a local perspective of a global problemBannan, Deirdre Patricia 1990-
25.10.2021Seaweed kombucha : exploring innovation in marine resources and local perceptionsJones, Martyn, 1986-