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14.11.2022Remembering the forgotten shore : sustainable development alternatives for Owls Head, Nova ScotiaMaclean, William Angus, 1998-
14.11.2022Unconditional basic income as a means to foster innovation in IcelandWacker, Tyler James, 1990-
14.11.2022Women of the water : women seafarers’ experiences in Maritime tourism in Southcentral Alaska and IcelandMcKnight, Robin Aurora, 1997-
14.11.2022Sprat (Sprattus sprattus) in Iceland : what do we know and what can we predict about the future?Hoad, Nicholas Matthew, 1991-
14.11.2022Exploring the migration and reproduction of common ringed plovers (Charadrius hiaticula) breeding in IcelandFletcher, James Alfred, 1997-
14.11.2022Food sovereignty as well-being in an Alaskan indigenous community : a case study in Igiugig villageWayner, Harmony Jade, 1997-
30.6.2022Anthropogenic microparticle ingestion by capelin (Mallotus villosus) in the Denmark StraitCaitlin Ellen Brawn 1994-
14.6.2022Using a macroalgal cultivation system in wastewater bioremediation : a case study of Bolungarvík, IcelandIvan Nikonov 1996-
14.6.2022A Ferry-tale Ending? : a comprehensive evaluation of the sustainability case for restoring ferry services from Reykjavík to ÍsafjörðurDouglas Robinson 1990-
14.6.2022Trying to grow like a weed : the impact of partial harvests on Alaria esculenta yield, quality, and costJennifer Aimee Koester 1997-
14.6.2022The secret life of wader chicks : understanding the ontogeny of behaviours towards independence in Eurasian oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus)Ingrid Bobeková 1991-
14.6.2022Ecosystem functions of plant diversity in restoration : comparisons from a large-scale salt marsh restoration experiment in Central California, USAJenna Shikuzawa 1996-
14.6.2022The Potential of MSP : a case study in Chaguaramas, Trinidad and TobagoJoyce Bos 1992-
14.6.2022‘Heavy is the Mountain’ : the tension between place attachment and the perception of hazards, climate change and place disruption, revealed through virtual walking tours in Patreksfjörður, IcelandFrances Eleanor Simmons 1984-
14.6.2022From science to innovation : investigation about a Saline Aquaponics System : production performance and pilot research on the biostimulating properties of solid wastesAndrea Durigon 1992-
14.6.2022Climate change in the Westfjords, Iceland : a local perspective of a global problemDeirdre Patricia Bannan 1990-
25.10.2021Seaweed kombucha : exploring innovation in marine resources and local perceptionsJones, Martyn, 1986-
25.10.2021Youth and newcomers in Icelandic fisheries : access, opportunities and obstaclesLebedef, Elena Alessandra, 1992-
25.10.2021Assessing coastal risk and improving resilience : Cape Jourimain National Wildlife AreaGautreau, Cassandra Elizabeth, 1991-
25.10.2021Anchoring fish to the shore : lessons of small-scale fisheries in Labrador applied to fisheries management in SwedenConrad, Aidan Rutherford, 1995-
25.10.2021On the potential impact of shellfish aquaculture on declining wintering waterbird population trends in IrelandMelis, Eleni, 1994-
14.6.2021Hnúðlax á Íslandi : vágestur eða velkominn? : um stjórnun ágengra tegunda á ÍslandiHjörleifur Finnsson 1969-
14.6.2021Impact of Moored Fish-Aggregating Devices on the redeployment of fishing effort towards large pelagic species : analysis over a 12 year-time series in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles.Janin, Margaux Léa, 1992-
14.6.2021Recent environmental change as recorded in Godthåbsfjorden sediments, Western GreenlandO´Brien, Elaina Mary, 1991-
14.6.2021Way down we go : using bottom trawling to survey benthic debris in Icelandic watersBlache, Mathis, 1996-