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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
14.6.2021Hnúðlax á Íslandi : vágestur eða velkominn? : um stjórnun ágengra tegunda á ÍslandiHjörleifur Finnsson 1969-
14.6.2021Impact of Moored Fish-Aggregating Devices on the redeployment of fishing effort towards large pelagic species : analysis over a 12 year-time series in Guadeloupe, Lesser Antilles.Janin, Margaux Léa, 1992-
14.6.2021Recent environmental change as recorded in Godthåbsfjorden sediments, Western GreenlandO´Brien, Elaina Mary, 1991-
14.6.2021Way down we go : using bottom trawling to survey benthic debris in Icelandic watersBlache, Mathis, 1996-
14.6.2021Cultural and environmental aspects of drinking water supply and treatment : a case study using participatory action research in rural eastern IndonesiaSühring, Nicole, 1994-
14.6.2021Plastic in Arctic fox faeces of Iceland : studying the suitability of Arctic fox faeces analysis for plastic monitoring in IcelandTechnau, Birte, 1993-
14.6.2021Finding the Phoenix Factor : an analysis of re-purposed industrial heritage sites in marginalised remote communities in IcelandKampfner, David, 1960-
14.6.2021Drivers of seasonal and diurnal particulate material load patterns in northern Norwegian fjords : using ADCP backscatter to contribute to improvement of baseline knowledge and managementBlom, Menno Jelle Johannes, 1996-
14.6.2021Did they stay or did they go? : a follow-up study of youth migration intentions and behaviors in the Northern Westfjords of IcelandKelly, Erin Diane, 1995-
14.6.2021Microplastic ingestion by Atlantic mackerel and blue whiting in Icelandic watersMalinen, Anni, 1997-
18.2.2021Who is really pirating the seas? : a study on European overfishing in the Gulf of GuineaBourmaud, Svetlana, 1995-
29.10.2020From coast to forest : development of Icelandic coastal forests, their linkage to aquatic systems and the perspective of locals on themFrank, Kerstin, 1985-
29.10.2020Place-based decision making : the use of GIS by local governance groups to support salmon conservation and management on the West Coast of Vancouver IslandDrennan, Rheanna Dawn, 1982-
29.10.2020Viewing tourism : investigating residents experiences and perceptions of different forms of tourism in Ísafjörður, IcelandRegan, James Anthony, 1991-
29.10.2020Assessing the degree of maerl habitat fragmentation affecting fish species richness and abundanceValliant, Michelle, 1991-
29.10.2020Whale-watchers' perceptions of whaling in IcelandHenderson, Erin Helen Mary, 1994-
29.10.2020An investigation into the vulnerability to erosion of the Inishowen Peninsula Coast, County Donegal, IrelandDeery, Michael, 1994-
29.10.2020Source-to-sink : transport of weapons-test 239+240Pu deposited in Icelandic glaciersBiles, Celeste Marie, 1967-
18.6.2020What are you whaling for? : rationalizing conservation and indigenous customary fishery : case study of customary fishery of Lamalerans in Indonesia’s Savu SeaMaukar, Maesa, 1987-
16.6.2020Marine Spatial Planning in Iceland : the importance of stakeholder engagement during a Marine Spatial Planning processLehwald, Mats, 1991-
16.6.2020Sustainable change in marine transportation : the climate impact of the LNG and LBG value chain for Gasum OyTuula Talvikki Matinen 1977-
16.6.2020Strengthening MPAs’ networking capacity at transatlantic scale recommendations to implement the common strategy of the networks twinning project from the transatlantic MPA network initiativeBelles, Marta Romeu, 1983-
16.6.2020Effect of habitat on breeding success and fledging age in Oystercatchers (Haematopus ostralegus) breeding in the south, west, and Westfjords of IcelandCarroll, Jamie Noreen, 1995-
16.6.2020Feasibility and challenges of Recirculating Aquaculture Systems (RAS) in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) post-smolt production in the coastal subarctic FinlandSinisalo, Kalle, 1990-
16.6.2020Farming for conservation : how Eiderdown farmers’ practices and perspectives impact breeding Arctic Terns in IcelandMorin, Eliza-Jane, 1994-