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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
6.5.2021The Concepts of Law, Magic and Poetry in Egils saga Skalla-GrímssonarJan Martin Jürgensen 1985-
4.5.2021“When the Clocks Have Melted”: The Unnatural Temporalities of VǫluspáLazar, Michael, 1994-
19.5.2020Fall of the Burgundians. Continuity in Legend and HistoryKenyon, Matthew, 1985-
18.5.2020The Viking Rus and the Khazars. Points of Contact in the 9th and 10th centuries.Jones, Elliot Anning, 1995-
13.5.2020“En mér eru nú margir þeir hlutir auðsýnir”: Prophecy as Literary Motif and Historical Source in the Vínland SagasPolinelli, Luna, 1995-
11.5.2020Punching Up – Punching Down: Humor as a Tool of Subversion in the ÍslendingasögurIreland-Delfs, Thomas, 1950-
23.1.2020Archaeological Evidence for the Beginning of the Norse Colony in GreenlandČuk, Jaka, 1991-
3.9.2019Trójumanna saga. A case of translatio and translation of the Latin culture in IcleandBedogni, Beatrice, 1994-
6.5.2019Fish, Oats & Isotopes: An Overview of Stable Isotopic Research on Human Diet in Medieval Scandinavia c. 1050-1550 CEZachary Cole 1989-
6.5.2019A Sociological Approach to Childhood in the Icelandic SagasKatherine Vasquez 1992-
6.5.2019A Dandy Hand in Northeast Iceland An Examination of AM 640 4to, AM 621 4to, AM Dipl. Isl. Fasc. XVII 3, AM Dipl. Isl. Fasc. XXI 25, and JS Dipl. 4Kathrin Briana Gallagher 1992-
6.5.2019Viking Age Diet in Denmark: An isotopic investigation of human and faunal remains from Aarhus DenmarkSwenson, Dain, 1988-
6.5.2019Weather and Ideology in Íslendinga saga: A Case Study of the Volcanic Climate Forcing of the 1257 Samalas EruptionBierstedt, Adam, 1996-
6.5.2019Tale Isolde as Time: A Comparative Analysis of a Key Female Figure Across the Middle High German and Old Norse Tristan EpicSchönbeck, Lynn, 1994-
6.5.2019The Lion, the Horse, and the Dragon: A Study in the Illuminations of Kálfalækjarbók, AM 133 fol. and Its OriginsGanzel, Sarah, 1993-
3.5.2019Sign Language: Mjöllnir artefacts as nonverbal communication: a sociological perspective.Grade, Campbell, 1995-
3.5.2019Systems of Settlement Hierarchy: A study of Husby, Central Places, and Settlement in the Mälaren Region from an Archaeological PerspectiveTroxell, Karl, 1994-
3.5.2019Power, Deception, and Lies: A Case Study of Conflict and Social Bonds in Jómsvíkinga sagaSullivan, Shanly, 1995-
3.5.2019Equal Rites: Parsing Rus' Gender Values Through an Arabic LensTonicha Mae Upham 1997-
3.5.2019Ritual Leaders, Central Sites, and Legendary Forebears: The Correlation of Thematic Elements of Ritual Control and Material Remains in the Rise of the Iron Age Elite in Southern ScandinaviaLiphart, Jacob Ikaika, 1994-
3.5.2019"Guð launar fyrir hrafninn": An analysis of the usage of the raven kenning in Old Norse skaldic poetryMærsk Werner, Kristine, 1993-
3.5.2019Artemis, Diana and Skaði: A Comparative StudyMancini, Giulia, 1994-
2.5.2019That’s (Not) What She Said: Translating and Abridging Female Speech in Ívens sagaMcArthur, Holly Frances, 1992-
2.5.2019The Emotional Life of Guðrún Ósvífrsdóttir: Narrative development through emotions in Laxdæla sagaRisco de la Torre, Meritxell, 1995-
30.4.2019"I am the master of my fate; I am the captain of my soul." A functional analysis of fate in FornaldarsögurOriane Garault 1993-