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Sep 4, 2014"The Limits of my Language are the Limits of my World." The effects of language learning disorders on foreign language learning and the possible solutionsÁgústína Gunnarsdóttir 1983
May 10, 2017The Ability to Become Bilingual: The Effects of Specific Language Impairment on BilingualismSigrún Árdís Einarsdóttir 1982
May 5, 2017At the Core of Comprehension: An Exploration of Complex Sentence Structures and the Relationship between Syntactic Awareness and Reading ComprehensionSúsanna Björg Vilhjálmsdóttir 1971
May 7, 2015The authenticity of reading materials provided for students in secondary school classrooms in IcelandNavina M. Dueck-Stefánsson, 1985
Sep 5, 2016Autism and English in Iceland: Are young Icelanders with autism spectrum disorders using English differently than their peers?Karen Kristín Ralston 1969
May 7, 2015The Dimensional Depth of Words: Vocabulary Knowledge and Reading ComprehensionSúsanna Björg Vilhjálmsdóttir 1971
Sep 14, 2010Education, Experience and Endurance. A study of teaching methods in secondary schoolsArndís María Kjartansdóttir 1971
May 10, 2016The Efficacy of Authentic Assessment: A Practical Approach to Second Language TestingBrynja Björk Reynisdóttir 1993
May 11, 2017Exploring the Effect of Bilingualism in Third Language Vocabulary AcquisitionHelga Margrét Helgadóttir 1982
May 9, 2012The Importance of Being Bilingual: The effects of bilingualism on cognitive development and the role of language valorisationElín Arnarsdóttir 1985
May 10, 2013The Language of Nature. A research paper on the effectiveness of outdoor language learningKristján Sigurðsson 1989
Sep 20, 2010Measuring Vocabulary: An overview of four types of vocabulary testsHelga Hilmarsdóttir 1985
May 10, 2013Second Language Acquisition: The Effect of Age and MotivationEinar Garibaldi Stefánsson 1982
May 12, 2014Second Language Acquisition. The effect of Age, Exposure and MotivationHildur Þorsteinsdóttir 1987
Sep 10, 2015Success in Second Language Learning: Exploring the Effect of Age, Aptitude and Motivation on Language AcquisitionBjörgvin Steingrímsson 1968