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May 28, 2010"All I Want Is Everything." Alice Munro's Lives of Girls and Women and Margaret Laurence's The DivinersŁozińska, Martyna, 1984-
Sep 9, 2010"For better or worse, I am Canadian." Demand for Ethnic Recognition in Green Grass, Running Water by Thomas King and Obasan by Joy KogawaRakel Sigurðardóttir 1970
Jan 18, 2011"Pip in the Pacific." Different Views on Fiction in Lloyd Jones's Mister PipKatrín Vilborgardóttir Gunnarsdóttir 1987
May 10, 2011Animal Instincts and the Canadian Beast. Reflections on Sex, War and Survival in Timothy Findley's Not Wanted on the VoyageSykes, Brad, 1981-
May 14, 2009Becoming a Woman. The Semiotic and Symbolic, Represented in the Heroine of Wolf by Gillian CrossÞórný Sigurjónsdóttir 1984
Oct 6, 2008Bridging the Gap Between Past and Present in Toni Morrison's BelovedKolbrún Björk Sveinsdóttir 1973
May 12, 2014Changing Charlie and the Chocolate FactoryThor Michael Bergur Leaman 1991
Jan 13, 2014Cultural Aspects of Translation: The Foreignizing Method. An Introduction to the Translation of Laila Lalami’s Hope and Other Dangerous PursuitsRakel Sigurðardóttir 1970
Nov 3, 2014Dissident Voices. Sociocultural Transformations in Sri Lankan Post-Independence Novels in EnglishÁrný Aurangasri Hinriksson 1942
Jun 1, 2016Exploring the Legacy of Halldór Laxness: Contemporary English-Language Perspectives on Iceland's Greatest Twentieth-Century WriterBrandsma, Elliott J., 1990-
May 9, 2017Fish as a Common Denominator? Symbolism in As I Lay Dying by William FaulknerGréta Hauksdóttir 1976
Apr 25, 2016Four American Cultural Institutions in Khalil Gibran’s The Prophet and Charlotte Perkins Gilman’s HerlandThabet, Hoda, 1972-
Feb 1, 2012Frederick Douglass: A Free SlaveÁrný Ösp Arnardóttir 1987
May 10, 2017Frederick Douglass: From Chains of Ignorance to FreedomAmelía Christine Scholl 1994
Aug 19, 2015Gender Equality in the Color Purple: From Survival to “Wearing the Pants”Íris Björk Eysteinsdóttir 1974
May 4, 2015Headlands: A Short Story CollectionDennis, Ryan, 1984-
May 5, 2017The Heroic Journey of a Villain: The Lost and Found Humanity of an Artificial IntelligenceÁsta Karen Ólafsdóttir 1990
Sep 5, 2016The House on Mango Street by Sandra Cisneros: Translation and Theoretical FrameworkKolbrún Björk Sveinsdóttir 1973
Oct 4, 2010Icelandic Immigrants and First Nations People in CanadaSigrún B. Gunnarsdóttir 1954
May 8, 2013Joe Wright’s Film Adaption of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice. The Romanticising of Marriage in Popular CultureHrafnhildur Sigurðardóttir 1959
Sep 9, 2014John Steinbeck's Wrath. Human Behavior During Desperate TimesGuðrún S. Gröndal 1988
May 25, 2009Love as a Commodity: Brand-Name Romantic Fiction and its Readers. The Domain and Readership of Harlequin Enterprises, Both in Iceland and AbroadHelena María Smáradóttir 1983
May 8, 2017The Necessity of Telling Her Story. Narrative Veracity in Margaret Atwood’s The Handmaid’s TaleGaynor, Dónal Huw, 1983-
May 6, 2016Obsession in Edgar Allan Poe's Berenice and LigeiaSunna Guðný Pálmadóttir 1975
Jan 20, 2011Off to Hogwarts but Rowing to Fagurey. Culture-Specific Translation Strategies of Enid Blyton’s "Five on a Treasure Island" and J. K. Rowling’s "Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone" into German and IcelandicFalk, Carola, 1973-