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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
13.2.2013Economic Comparison between a Wellhead Geothermal Power Plant and a Traditional Geothermal Power PlantCarlos Atli Córdova Geirdal 1970-
17.2.2016Effect of experimental parameters on the voltage output of a sediment microbial fuel cellAna Iris Correa Muler 1990-
20.6.2019Energy analysis of a collagen production process in Codland's Factory in IcelandÁrni Ingimarsson 1991-
13.6.2019Er vetni eitt af orkuberum framtíðar?Sæmundur Guðlaugsson 1961-
30.8.2017Feasibility of Supercritical CO2 Coaxial Heat Exchanger Geothermal Well Conversion with ECO2G TechnologyLauren Elizabeth Hillis 1992-
10.3.2016Hydraulic Well Stimulation in Low-Temperature Geothermal Areas for Direct UseCovell, Cari, 1991-
22.3.2018Lumped Parameter Modelling of Two-Phase Geothermal ReservoirsZhen Qin 1992-
14.3.2012Quantifying Water Saturation in Steel Pipes using X-raysHaraldur Sigurðsson 1975-
21.6.2018Resource Assessment of Geothermal Reservoir in Western Alberta and Evaluation of Utilization Options Using Non-Renewable Energy DisplacementLavigne, Casey Ronald William, 1987-
22.3.2017Risk assessment and risk modelling in geothermal drillingLilian Aketch Okwiri 1986-
23.3.2017Small scale electricity production from low temperature geothermal resources using organic rankine cycleEmilía Valdimarsdóttir 1986-
19.3.2018Techno-economic assessment of using alternative energy technologies at a remote mining operation in the Yukon territory, CanadaCicierski, Brennan Peter 1992-
23.6.2020Thermoeconomic analysis and optimization of geothermal power cycle utilizing aqueous potassium carbonate for scrubbing superheated steamBrandon Velasquez 1996-
18.2.2016Thermoeconomic analysis of geothermal power cycles for IDDP-1 chloride mitigationMereto, Alberto, 1992-
11.2.2013Utilization of Offshore Geothermal Resources for Power ProductionBaldur Kárason 1979-
12.2.2019Viability of a district heating system in Fjarðabyggð using waste heat from Alcoa FjarðaálLeó Blær Haraldsson 1992-
19.3.2018Waste Heat Recovery from Aluminum ProductionMiao Yu 1992-