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Jan 20, 2011"Changing Ground." Travel writing about Iceland over a fifty year intervalRósa María Sigurðardóttir 1966
Jan 18, 2013As Heard on TV: A Study of Common Breaches of Prescriptive Grammar Rules on American TelevisionRagna Þorsteinsdóttir 1988
May 20, 2010Behind The Wallpaper The feminist point of view in the story "The Yellow Wallpaper"Helga Sigurlaug Sigurðardóttir 1963
May 10, 2012Beowulf. A heroic tale of fact or fiction?Anna Lind Borgþórsdóttir 1963
Apr 28, 2009Counting trumps: The language of the card game Bridge and its status as a variety of EnglishSigurbjörn Haraldsson 1979
May 10, 2010Documentation for Spectrum Intranet: Discussion of the Writing ProcessJónas Örn Ólafsson 1977
May 6, 2011East African English. Linguistic Features and BackgroundHermann Ingi Ragnarsson 1983
Sep 16, 2010English influence on Icelandic. The frequency and morphological properties of loanwords of English origin in Icelandic news reportsHerdís Hreiðarsdóttir 1972
Sep 15, 2010English or Icelandic? Communication in Icelandic multinational companiesAgnes Björk Helgadóttir 1980
Sep 16, 2010Family relations in Harry Potter, from Jung's viewpointHugborg Anna Sturludóttir 1981
Sep 11, 2009Grotesque Physicality: Female Excess in Angela Carter’s “Nights at the Circus”Helga Valborg Steinarsdóttir 1985
Jan 20, 2012"A history of wrong." Post-colonial and feminist concerns in J.M. Coetzee's DisgraceHjördís Erna Þorgeirsdóttir 1985
Jan 20, 2011The Importance of Being English. A Look at French and Latin Loanwords in EnglishHjördís Elma Jóhannsdóttir 1982
Apr 25, 2012John Gower, Richard II and Henry IV: A Poet and his Kings. A socio-historical study of John Gower's poetry and late fourteenth-century English politicsGrétar Rúnar Skúlason 1960
Feb 3, 2012Keeping their Cool: Speech vs. Song in British Popular MusicStefán Ólafsson 1985
Aug 29, 2013Norn elements in the Shetland dialect. A Historical and Linguistic ReviewAuður Dagný Jónsdóttir 1972
Sep 10, 2012Nothin' but the Blues. A short history of the Icelandic Blues and the Choice of Icelandic or English lyricsMatthías Ægisson 1960
Jun 9, 2009Patriarchy and the subordination of women from a radical feminist point of viewNína Katrín Jóhannsdóttir 1985
May 5, 2015The Perception of lax-tense contrasts in English by Polish, Italian, Spanish L1 speakers residing in AustraliaZaorska, Katarzyna Dorota, 1989-
Sep 20, 2010A Phonological Study of Icelandic Pronunciation of English: Plosives and AspirationTinna Steindórsdóttir 1983
May 6, 2011Pronunciation of the English Fricatives: Problems Faced by Native Finnish SpeakersTimonen, Minna Marika, 1988-
Jan 20, 2011The Re-accenting of Given Information in Icelandic. A Comparative Study of English and Icelandic Intonation patternsGísli Valgeirsson 1984
May 29, 2009The Process Of Bringing The Story To You: A Translation Analysis of Nicholas Evans's The Horse WhispererElín Heiða Ólafsdóttir 1985
Jan 18, 2017Uglish: Understanding the Variety of English Spoken in UgandaBrenda Asiimire 1980