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Jun 2, 2015Cavity-photon controlled electron transport through quantum dots and waveguide systemsAbdullah, Nzar Rauf, 1983-
Sep 23, 2011Coulomb and Spin-Orbit Interaction Effects in a Mesoscopic RingDaday, Csaba, 1987-
Sep 3, 2012Coulomb Effects on the Spin Polarization in Quantum WiresAnton Heiðar Þórólfsson 1986
Dec 13, 2010Effects of shape on the far-infrared absorption of quantum dotsIngibjörg Magnúsdóttir 1974
Dec 13, 2010Finite size effects in the far-infrared absorption of a confined 2DEGSigurður Ingi Erlingsson 1972
Dec 13, 2010Geometrical effects in transport through quantum wires with side-coupled quantum dotsÓmar Valsson 1983
Dec 13, 2010Grid-free ground state of molecules and transport in nanosystemsJens Hjörleifur Bárðarson 1979
Aug 25, 2014The influence of cavity photons on the transient transport of correlated electrons through a quantum ring with magnetic field and spin-orbit interactionArnold, Thorsten Ludwig, 1982-
Dec 13, 2010Magnetization of interacting confined two-dimensional electron systemsVasile, Gabriel, 1975-
Dec 13, 2010Manipulating the persistent current in quantum ringsSigríður Sif Gylfadóttir 1978
Jun 7, 2016The Mathematical Description of Steady-State Solutions for an Open Quantum SystemÞorsteinn Hjörtur Jónsson 1992
Feb 1, 2012Nonperturbative Approach to Circuit Quantum ElectrodynamicsÓlafur Jónasson 1987
May 28, 2009Quantum Transport in the Presence of a Local Time-Periodic Potential in a Magnetic FieldKristinn Torfason 1984
Dec 13, 2010Signal propagation in open quantum wiresGainar, Cosmin Mihai
May 16, 2014Snaking states and flux-periodic oscillations in cylindrical core-shell nanowiresTómas Örn Rosdahl 1989
Dec 13, 2010Time-dependent transport through a double quantum wire in a magnetic fieldAbdullah, Nzar Rauf, 1983-
Dec 13, 2010Transport of an electron wave packet through a nanostructure in a magnetic fieldGunnar Þorgilsson 1982
Jun 14, 2013Tölulegir reikningar á Ising líkaniÁrni Johnsen 1991
Apr 9, 2013Variations on Transport for a Quantum FluteKristinn Torfason 1984