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16.5.2012Language Use by Polish Immigrants in Iceland: English or Icelandic?Zaorska, Katarzyna Dorota, 1989-
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29.4.2013Mobile Apps for Learning English. A Review of 7 Complete English Course Apps: Characteristics, Similarities and DifferencesIðunn Andersen 1982-
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22.10.2013Relevance and the L2 Self in the Context of Icelandic Secondary School Learners: Learner ViewsAnna Jeeves 1954-
6.5.2019Roger That: English for Civil Aviation Pilots in IcelandGuðný Ósk Laxdal 1993-
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19.12.2016“But then there is still something, you know, of course, natural for one to speak Icelandic, it is my mother tongue”: Icelandic lyricists’ identity and language choiceIðunn Andersen 1982-