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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
31.1.2013Challenges of Internationalization for New Ventures, the case of Icelandic born global companiesInga Pétursdóttir Jessen 1977-
27.8.2015Chinese Foreign Direct Investment in Europe: Obstacles, Threats and OpportunitiesÞór Matthíasson 1983-
27.8.2015Corporate Social Responsibility as an Indicator for Employer Attractiveness. A Cross-Cultural Study.Nils Schweers 1988-
31.1.2013Cultural Awareness in the Icelandic Tourism Industry: An exploration of cultural awareness and workplace diversity management in an expanding industryBirna Sif Kristínardóttir 1986-
3.9.2013Customer Acquisition: Variables affecting exchange relationship initiation at a Danish bankSnorri Danielsen 1983-
27.8.2015Electronic Cigarettes: Market Entry in Iceland?Hinrik Hinriksson 1990-
30.1.2014Foreign Direct Investment in Uganda and Rwanda; a Cross-Country AnalysisKissel, Christoph, 1982-
31.1.2013Internationalization of software for the health care sector; the study case of SnarpurRósa Margrét Hjálmarsdóttir 1967-
5.12.2016Internationalization readiness - a study of Icelandic SMEsBerglind Hlín Aðalsteinsdóttir 1991-
24.2.2014Scenario Analysis of the Philippine Energy MarketFe Amor Parel Gudmundsson 1975-
19.9.2011What are the guidelines that importing companies should try to follow when importing from China, in order to avoid pitfalls or mistakes?Atli Rúnar Þorsteinsson 1979-
5.10.2017What international business really needs to know : analysing information seeking behaviour of companies before and during internationalizationKristján Helgi Bryde 1991-