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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
5.5.2014Agriculture in Iceland and the European UnionFjóla Hrund Björnsdóttir 1988-
7.5.2019The Authoritarians. A study of politics and psychologyJón Ferdínand Estherarson 1992-
7.5.2019“A certain kind of conservatism and a fear of change” An analysis on sources of Euroscepticism among Icelandic farmersSölvi Þór Hannesson 1991-
29.4.2016Coming to terms with the past? Constructions of refugees in three leading German newspapersHugrún Aðalsteinsdóttir 1990-
26.4.2012EU: A boys' club? Feminist theory and the European Union: Does it matter who our representatives are?Ástrós Signýjardóttir 1986-
6.9.2021Euroscepticism: The rise and fall of Euroscepticism in Iceland and the United KingdomRóbert Ingi Ragnarsson 1996-
13.1.2012Ever growing crisis. The eurozone economic crisis and its impact on the future of the European UnionHjörtur Jónas Guðmundsson 1978-
27.4.2012The F-word in European Politics: Federalism and DemocracyFreyja Steingrímsdóttir 1989-
2.5.2023The Geopolitics of Forests: Case Study of the UN-REDD+ program in IndonesiaMaud Gameiro 1999-
9.9.2015Is Russia Europe's Other? How the Ukraine Crisis Reinforces European Identity FormationViktor Stefánsson 1991-
7.1.2020Perspectives on the EU challenges : East-West fracture on the Migrant CrisisCimbolaityté, Ramintahi, 1989-
6.5.2019Rights and Prejudice A Comparative Case Study: European Union influence on LGBTI rights in Estonia, Latvia and LithuaniaKjartan Þór Ingason 1991-
6.5.2019The Second Gulf War: A Constructivist Analysis of the Bush Administration's Decision-Making ProcessOrlando, Vittorio 1993-
6.5.2013Security and defence within the European Union: Normative power; to be or not to beHlíf Kvaran Brynjarsdóttir 1984-
10.9.2013The Social Construction of the Eurozone. An Analysis of the Social Dimensions of the EuroTómas Joensen 1981-
6.1.2020Social Media: Deliberation or Polarization. The Quality of Facebook Discussion in Britain Leading up to the 2016 EU referendumHelga Margrét Höskuldsdóttir 1997-
10.9.2014The Status Quo Illusion: Austria and Offensive Realism in the Era of MetternichÓlafur Darri Björnsson 1979-
13.9.2011Strength in Numbers or Stronger Alone. How does the Portrayed Idea of Sovereignty influence the Icelandic Political Parties’ Stance towards the European Union?Kolbeinn Atli Björnsson 1979-
8.1.2019Terror and the United States 2016 ElectionÞórarinn Hjartarson 1991-
17.9.2012Transformation of sovereignty. Is globalization transforming Icelandic sovereignty?Einar Pétur Heiðarsson 1971-
5.5.2014What does the Hungarian case tell us about the role of the Commission as “guardian of the treaties”, and how can we understand this role from the perspective of theories of European integrationHarpa Hrönn Frankelsdóttir 1972-
8.1.2019„Að ná lífinu“ Gætir kerfislægrar yfirtöku lífheims íslenskra háskólanema?Stefán Elí Gunnarsson 1994-