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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
16.6.2022Analysis of the concepts of self-sufficiency of RES of the local energy community of Luče, SloveniaNicole Ashley Bird 1994-
15.6.2020An analysis of the Hagenwerder-Mikułowa phase-shifting transformer and its impact on redispatch in GermanyMichael Jes Þórsson 1998-
24.6.2021An assessment of the techno-economic, geopolitical and strategic feasibility of exporting hydrogen from Iceland to EuropeKit Edward Robert Pickford 1993-
12.6.2017The causal relationship between stock market trading volume and GDP : evidence from IcelandArnar Már Runólfsson 1993-; Ólöf Ragna Sigurðardóttir 1994-
7.6.2023Economic feasibility of a utility-scale battery in IcelandNathanael Scott Rybin 1996-
21.6.2018The economic impact of the Icelandic regulating market on a wind power producerMcIlraith, Gaynor, 1994-
10.6.2021Effects of COVID-19 on major blue-chip indices : a Nordic studyÓlöf Ragna Sigurðardóttir 1994-
7.6.2018The Effects of Foreign Exchange Rate Movements on the Stock Prices of Eimskip, Icelandair and MarelAnders Vetle Aanesen 1994-; Kristian Solomon 1996-
7.6.2023Energy security in select eastern European countries : index for evaluation and comparisonErin Renee Lawyer 1996-
29.8.2017Exploring electric vehicle participation in the Icelandic balancing market as Virtual Power PlantFritz Steingrube 1992-
29.6.2018Inciting residential demand side participation in electricity markets : three elasticity issues that stand in the wayBailly, Sam Denison, 1989-
21.6.2018Modelling consumer type specific electricity load in IcelandCzock, Berit Hanna, 1993-
8.6.2021The value relevance of published financial information : evidence from publicly traded firms on the Nasdaq OMX Iceland stock exchangeGunnar Hákon Unnarsson 1998-; Hildur Inga Hauksdóttir 1999-
16.6.2020What is the significance of free digital goods on economic welfareFjölnir Þrastarson 1996-; Friðrik Örn Gunnarsson 1996-
23.3.2017Wind power integration in Iceland : impacts on the Icelandic regulating power marketMichel, Felix Rolf 1991-