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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
7.7.2016Advertising Success on Facebook. In collaboration with Home24 companyMonika Jakstaite 1989
5.6.2014Applying Reconstructuralist Models in the IaaS Market : A case study of GreenQloudNicola Storgaard 1984
10.8.2017Consumer complaint behaviour on Facebook and Twitter brand pagesMaría Rosario Blöndal 1988
25.1.2017Customer engagement on Instagram brand pages in the make-up cosmetics industryAnnika Vignisdóttir 1988
26.8.2015Effects of Content on Facebook Post Popularity: The Case of IcelandairHerborg Sörensen 1988
7.7.2016Effects of content on Google ad success : the case of IcelandairOlivier, Nicolas Pierre Hippolyte Emile, 1993-
17.1.2019Engagement behavior on Facebook and the relationship between managers and consumers: the case of IcelandairArna Dögg Sigfúsdóttir 1991
5.6.2014Exploring Social Media Use of B2B Companies in The Icelandic Fisheries IndustryIngvi Þór Georgsson 1990
6.7.2016Factors affecting attitudes and behavioral intentions towards in-app mobile advertisements: A cross-cultural comparison between India and the United KingdomAtli Geir Hallgrímsson 1989
9.8.2017Fish consumption and attitudes towards fish among Icelanders and tourists : application of the theory of planned behaviourKaren Gréta Minney Pétursdóttir 1993
14.6.2018How can Car Dealerships use Targeted Advertising to Reach Customers More Efficiently? The Case of the Car Dealership AskjaÍris Hildur Birgisdóttir 1990
27.8.2015How can Tibco Spotfire enhance Icelandair's Twitter Marketing?Ármann Gunnlaugsson 1991
27.8.2015Influential Factors of Donation Interest: The Significance of Risk Perception and the Role of CosmopolitanismLilja Ósk Diðriksdóttir 1989
10.8.2017Instagram marketing : a study about the effect of visual content on customer engagement in the airline industryWilhelm Öhman 1989
23.1.2019Mobile banking in Iceland the behaviour and views of managers and consumersLaufey Fríða Guðmundsdóttir 1984
30.1.2014Network effects on the internationalization process of Icelandic Software FirmsTryggvi Jónsson 1978
7.7.2016Online customer engagement on Twitter : the case of IcelandairHelena Gunnars Marteinsdóttir 1988
6.7.2016Service quality, national differences, and shopping behaviour at airport commercial area : the case of Keflavik International AirportBryndís Marteinsdóttir 1981
27.8.2015Standardizing and Adapting the Marketing Mix for Cintamani in ChinaChristine Di Zheng 1982