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7.7.2016Advertising success on Facebook : in collaboration with Home24 companyMonika Jakstaite 1989-
5.6.2014Applying reconstructuralist models in the IaaS market : a case study of GreenQloudNicola Storgaard 1984-
14.1.2020Complaints and recovery strategies : how to maintain a customer relationship and recommendation? The Case of IcelandairHulda Karen Guðmundsdóttir 1983-
10.8.2017Consumer complaint behaviour on Facebook and Twitter brand pagesMaría Rosario Blöndal 1988-
25.1.2017Customer engagement on Instagram brand pages in the make-up cosmetics industryAnnika Vignisdóttir 1988-
20.10.2020Customer journey preferences during the COVID-19 pandemic : the case of IcelandairSvanhildur Erla Traustadóttir 1995-
26.8.2015Effects of content on Facebook post popularity : the case of IcelandairHerborg Sörensen 1988-
7.7.2016Effects of content on Google ad success : the case of IcelandairOlivier, Nicolas Pierre Hippolyte Emile, 1993-
17.1.2019Engagement behavior on Facebook and the relationship between managers and consumers: the case of IcelandairArna Dögg Sigfúsdóttir 1991-
14.2.2022Exploring airlines and travel trade bilateral contingencies : the managers and travel trade viewsAnne-Marie Tremblay-Quenneville 1980-
5.6.2014Exploring social media use of B2B companies in the Icelandic fisheries industryIngvi Þór Georgsson 1990-
6.7.2016Factors affecting attitudes and behavioral intentions towards in-app mobile advertisements: A cross-cultural comparison between India and the United KingdomAtli Geir Hallgrímsson 1989-
20.10.2022Factors influencing purchasing decisions of baby care products in the Icelandic marketAlexandra Nicole Franková 1994-
9.8.2017Fish consumption and attitudes towards fish among Icelanders and tourists : application of the theory of planned behaviourKaren Gréta Minney Pétursdóttir 1993-
14.6.2018How can car dealerships use targeted advertising to reach customers more efficiently? : the case of the car dealership AskjaÍris Hildur Birgisdóttir 1990-
27.8.2015How can Tibco Spotfire enhance Icelandair's Twitter marketing?Ármann Gunnlaugsson 1991-
20.10.2020The impact of e-commerce on sustainable fish consumption : environmental sustainability as a quality cueRakel Gyða Pálsdóttir 1989-
27.8.2015Influential factors of donation interest : the significance of risk perception and the role of cosmopolitanismLilja Ósk Diðriksdóttir 1989-
10.8.2017Instagram marketing : a study about the effect of visual content on customer engagement in the airline industryWilhelm Öhman 1989-
23.1.2019Mobile banking in Iceland the behaviour and views of managers and consumersLaufey Fríða Guðmundsdóttir 1984-
30.1.2014Network effects on the internationalization process of Icelandic Software FirmsTryggvi Jónsson 1978-
7.7.2016Online customer engagement on Twitter : the case of IcelandairHelena Gunnars Marteinsdóttir 1988-
6.7.2016Service quality, national differences, and shopping behaviour at airport commercial area : the case of Keflavik International AirportBryndís Marteinsdóttir 1981-
27.8.2015Standardizing and adapting the marketing mix for Cintamani in ChinaChristine Di Zheng 1982-
28.9.2021A success factor framework proposition for virtual trade showsChristoph Rohr 1995-