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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
19.12.201810 years of NORDEFCO: How successful has Nordic Defence Cooperation been?Ísak Kári Kárason 1992-
1.9.2021Australia's COVIDSafe digital contact tracing app- a technological solution to the political problem of pandemic respose?Nina Kristiansen 1978-
3.5.2021Black Carbon at the Arctic Council. Mapping discourses and courses of action.Pommereau Guitard, Galadrielle, 1998-
6.5.2019Champions of the Arctic? A comparative analysis of the Arctic policies and practices of China and JapanSóley Margrét Rafnsdóttir 1993-
3.5.2021The Costs of Commodifying Human Connection: A Case Study on Surveillance Capitalist Social Media Platforms and Trumpist Political ExtremismLogan Lee Sigurðsson 1995-
26.4.2023Defending Greenlandic Action Space: Analysing Greenland’s Foreign Policy in the Arctic of Great Power CompetitionEva Laufey Eggertsdóttir 1996-
11.9.2019The Evolution of Russian Counterinsurgency Strategy in Chechnya 1994-2009Gunnar Bjarni Albertsson 1993-
9.9.2021Iceland in the UNHRC 2018-2019: Power potential of small states in the global communityVala Bjarney Gunnarsdóttir 1990-
3.5.2021The importance of the rule of law within the European Union. The case of Hungary and PolandTamar Matchavariani 1990-
25.6.2020Kenya’s Foreign Policy Proposal Following the Post- Election Violence of 2007/2008: A Case Study of the Contentious Intervention of the ICCAchola, Otieno 1980-
12.5.2020Limitations to Indigenous Peoples Participation in the Arctic CouncilEsther Jónsdóttir 1996-
6.5.2013The Moral Hazard of Humanitarian Intervention: The Victims of Genocidal Violence as Risk-Takers and Fraudsters?Sverrir Steinsson 1990-
7.9.2022A New Normative Power in the North? A Comparative Analysis of the European Union‘s 2016 and 2021 Arctic PoliciesArnar Númi Sigurðarson 1995-
6.9.2022"The Only State Completely in the Arctic" The Evolution of Iceland's Arctic IdentityJenný Lárentsínusdóttir 1993-
8.5.2017Small States in the Arctic Council: The Contribution of Finland, Iceland and SwedenElísabet Ólafsdóttir 1993-
6.5.2021South Korea’s Economic Cooperation with Russia and North Korea in the Arctic: Challenges and RecommendationsYeonji Ghim 1992-
7.1.2020The Stoltenberg Report: Ten Years OnHafþór Reinhardsson 1992-
8.1.2020What is more valuable in the creation of an alliance, democratic values or hegemonic state? The cases of the Delian League and NATOTsikas, Dimitrios, 1985-