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6.7.2018"Pulling from the world into the school” : working with culturally diverse students in an international school setting in IcelandJenny Laurence Pfeiffer 1992-
27.6.2013Are some more equal than others? : English as a global and academic skill in IcelandFreyja Melsted 1991-
2.9.2022B is for Dyslexia : how audiobooks and podcasts can help students with dyslexia in the classroomKaren Sif Jónsdóttir 1997-
12.8.2020Challenging colonial perspectives in the Ghanaian basic school curriculum using culturally responsive pedagogyJudith Asante 1980-
3.7.2020CLILing in Italy : teachers’ experiences with Content and Language Integrated Learning methodologyCaterina Poggi 1988-
30.6.2022Doing the minimum required : a review of Human Rights Education in Icelandic compulsory schoolsÁrsól Clara Arnardóttir 2000-
24.9.2015English teaching and learning in three primary schools in Iceland : the perspective of immigrant studentsKarl Sigtryggsson 1984-
26.6.2019Exploring human rights in the police education : an Icelandic case studyAnne-Marie Tremblay-Quenneville 1980-
2.9.2021The general aims : a comparison of the Nordic countriesRannveig Hlín Jóhannesdóttir 1998-
30.8.2016Language acquisition : acquiring languages beyond knowledge in first languageAbena Acheampomaa Darko 1980-
14.10.2016Multiple dimensions of bilingualism : a theoretical overview.Telma Velez 1980-; Dolores Rabanes 1987-
2.7.2020Professional capital : the core of the learning process in multiple roles and contextsMary Ann Divinagracia 1992-
28.6.2017Verkefnamiðuð tungumálakennsla : kennsluaðferð til að auka tjáskipti nemendaSigrún Dóra Jóhannsdóttir 1990-