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Jun 12, 2017The causal relationship between stock market trading volume and GDP : evidence from IcelandArnar Már Runólfsson 1993; Ólöf Ragna Sigurðardóttir 1994
Jun 12, 2017Effect of interest rate changes on stocks : is the Icelandic market efficient?Andri Rainersson Schrey 1994; Anton Reynir Hafdísarson 1993
Jun 12, 2017Empirical test of the predictive power of the capital asset pricing model on the European stock marketAlexander Jónsson 1992; Einar Sindri Ásgeirsson 1994
Aug 10, 2017Fostering a strong feedback culture in organizations : a case study on the feedback culture at KPMGSveinbjörn Ingi Grímsson 1990
Aug 10, 2017How to organize digital innovation in Icelandair Group?Liv Vestergaard 1990
Jun 12, 2017Icelandair digital development : a focus on digital development to gain or maintain a competitive advantageAlvar Sverrisson 1971; Stefán Már Melstað 1990