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Aug 10, 2017Consumer complaint behaviour on Facebook and Twitter brand pagesMaría Rosario Blöndal 1988
Jan 19, 2012Consumer Ethnocentrism in Product Evaluation: The case of IcelandSnorri Valur Steindórsson
Aug 25, 2015Consumers’ Choice of Attributes on Healthy Food in a Behavioral Perspective using Conjoint Analysis and Qualitative ResearchBrynjar Þór Hreggviðsson 1985
Jan 30, 2014Customer Analytics in Iceland: Attitudes and implementationRúrik Karl Björnsson 1987
Aug 28, 2014Customer Satisfaction, Customer Loyalty, and Purchasing Behavior in Retail Stores: The Effects of Patience and ServiceHildur Benediktsdóttir 1990
Sep 26, 2013Experimental Analysis of Facebook Marketing Using Conjoint Analysis and Eye ScanningHildur Einarsdóttir 1985
Jan 25, 2017Gaining insights into website traffic and online consumer behavior with Google AnalyticsHreinn Bergs 1991
Jul 6, 2016The impact of economics crisis on buying behavior and consumer attitudesHrund Einarsdóttir 1989
Jun 5, 2014Improving Consumer-Retailer Relationships Through Digital Retail: How in-store technologies can affect the Icelandic grocery industryLiam Kristinsson 1988
Sep 26, 2013The Application of the Behavioral Perspective Model and Market Segmentation through an E-mail Marketing ExperimentHinrik Hinriksson 1990
Aug 24, 2015The Behavior Perspective Model and Healthy Food Marketing Online: Experiment Using Conjoint Analysis and E-mail MarketingÓlafur Þór Jónsson 1992
Aug 28, 2014Time Perception, Acceptable Wait, Patience, and Reneging Behavior in Tele-QueuesBrynhildur Laufey Brynjarsdóttir 1991
Jun 22, 2016The value of data gathering through gamification by a mobile applicationAlexía Imsland 1992; Sigurgeir Már Sigurðsson 1982
Aug 11, 2016Women's purchase intention for organic skin care productsStefanía Bergmann Magnúsdóttir 1991