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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
16.12.20103D Modeling of a Geothermal Reservoir in the Central Part of Kosice Basin in the Eastern SlovakiaKamenská, Katarína
15.12.20103D Modeling of Geothermal Reservoirs: Case Study from Subtatric Basin in Western Carpathians, SlovakiaHlavacova, Lucia
14.12.2010Akureyri’s district heating system : an optimization study: optimization of supply temperaturePachocki, Michał
29.8.2011Aluminum alloy drill pipe in geothermal drilling : technical and economical opportunitiesAnderson, Erin Rebecca
16.6.2022Analysis of the concepts of self-sufficiency of RES of the local energy community of Luče, SloveniaNicole Ashley Bird 1994-
15.6.2020An analysis of the Hagenwerder-Mikułowa phase-shifting transformer and its impact on redispatch in GermanyMichael Jes Þórsson 1998-
21.6.2016Anonymous Energy : the story behind our plugsSeelemann, Johanna, 1990-
12.2.2019Applications of different machine learning methods for water level predictionsHalla Marinósdóttir 1991-
17.12.2015Aquaponics GuidelinesRagnheiður Inga Þórarinsdóttir 1968-; Kledal, Paul Rye; Skar, Siv Lene Gangenes; Sustaeta, Fernando; Kristín Vala Ragnarsdóttir 1954-; Mankasingh, Utra; Pantanella, Edoardo; Ven, Rob van de; Shultz, Charlie
28.10.2021Assessing the potential for renewable energy systems in remote arctic communities as a means of reducing regional diesel fuel dependenceKendall Alexis Cromartie 1996-
21.6.2018Assessment of renewable energy as investment opportunity : risk-return impactSoerono, Dwina Andini 1990-
8.9.2023Áhrifasvæði endurnýjanlegra orkugjafa, Líkan fyrir áhrifasvæði orkukerfaÞorsteinn Stefánsson 1995-
9.6.2020Beislun endurnýjanlegrar orku til húshitunar í BíldseyGunnar Örn Bragason 1992-
18.3.2011Biomass based combined heat and power plant with integrated biomass drying and subsequent pyrolysis : steady-state simulation with multiperiod district heating model and environmental performance in Eropean conditionsHadera, Hubert Waldemar
8.12.2010Bioprocess Design: The GEOGAS Project: Bioremediation of geothermal gases and SCP production with HOX/SOX bacteriaMonit, Michał
30.11.2023Clean energy advocacy in Pennsylvania: Strategy insights from selected nonprofitsCaroline Anne Weiss 2001-
7.6.2023Comparative life cycle assessment of hydrogen production in Iceland and the EU-27Drew Jacob Barron 1997-
24.6.2021Comparative life cycle assessment of hydrogen production via electrolysis in Austria and IcelandKristján Valur Vilbergsson 1994-
20.12.2010Considerations regarding modeling of MW-scale IG-SOFC Hybrid Power SystemKupecki, Jakub
3.9.2019The Cooperation Mechanism in the Renewable Energy Directive. A (sole) opportunity for Member States to open their national support schemes for cross-border cooperationKoch, Veronika, 1989-