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Aug 11, 2016Change management and leadership within the Reykjavík police departmentJúlíana Einarsdóttir 1986
Jul 7, 2016Do people only work for money? : preferences of monetary and non-monetary benefits of employees of Landsbankinn hf.Elva Katrín Elíasdóttir 1990
Aug 11, 2016Fathers' experience of paternity leave : comparison between years 2007-2016Sigurbjörg Magnúsdóttir 1985
Aug 10, 2017Human resource managers’ development of understanding on the concept of work engagementTelma Dís Ólafsdóttir 1990
Aug 11, 2016The impact of work engagement on turnover intention at MannvitRagnheiður K Hjálmarsdóttir 1987
Jul 7, 2016The influence of Strategic Human Resource Management Maturity on downsizing harshness in public and private Icelandic organisationsArabella Samúelsdóttir 1987
Aug 11, 2016The influence of trust and knowledge management on workers safety climate at ISAVIA's aerodromes : a case studyHildur Baldvinsdóttir 1983
Aug 11, 2016Job embeddedness in Icelandic labor market : the effectiveness on turnover intentions and job performanceHelga Gunnólfsdóttir 1986
Jul 7, 2016Job satisfaction and turnover intention : is there a significant difference between public and private preschools?Kristín Valgerður Ellertsdóttir 1982
Mar 2, 2016Perceived corporate social responsibilities and employee commitmentWehrlé, Elise, 1992-
Jul 7, 2016References and social media in the assessment stage of the recruitment processBrynjar Jóhannsson 1987
Jul 7, 2016Retention management analysis: the turnover rate, the cost of employee turnover and employee main turnover reasons and HRM analysis : a case study in the tourism industry in IcelandEmbla Sigríður Grétarsdóttir 1982
Aug 10, 2017Risks in human resources and their relation to organizational risk management : mitigating the HR risk of knowledge-loss, using knowledge management systemsSigríður Gisela Stefánsdóttir 1989
Aug 11, 2016Workplace equality and diversity in Iceland : organizational efforts and influence on employeesLaura Nesaule 1984