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SamþykktRaða eftir:SamþykktTitillRaða eftir:TitillHöfundur(ar)
3.6.2014Arctic shipping and China : Governance structure and future developmentsHjalti Þór Hreinsson 1984
5.7.2011The Barents environmental cooperation : a legitimacy analysisNikolas Sellheim
15.6.2016Cruise tourism in the Arctic : sustainability issues and protection of the marine environment in international lawNordblom, Ulrika, 1986-
12.1.2018European court of human rights for the protection of arctic indigenous peoples’ land rightsLundmark, Jan Mikael, 1972-
5.9.2017Indigenous linguistic rights in the Arctic : a human rights approachChuffart, Romain François R., 1992-
26.8.2014Large scale projects in the Arctic : socio-economic impacts of mining in GreenlandMonika Margrét Stefánsdóttir 1978
22.10.2018Meteorological and sea ice services in the Arctic : how fisheries and cruise actors address risk in their decisionPötter, Sarah, 1992-
26.8.2014Multinational Corporations versus Corporate Social Responsibility : the case of Russian oil Multinational CorporationsMetuge, Leonel, 1983-
15.6.2016Research of legal status and navigation regime of arctic shipping lanesYu, Yue, 1991-
22.9.2014Risk and responsibility : hydrocarbon extraction in the Arctic Ocean under international lawJohnstone, Rachael Lorna, 1977-
16.2.2015Security outlook of the Arctic states and perspectives on NATO’s involvementZhilina, Irina, 1989-
14.8.2017The Arctic is not just an ocean : international human rights law : the Arctic Council at a crossroadsBjarki Már Magnússon 1972
21.6.2010The rights to self-determination of the indigenous peoples : illustrated by Arctic indigenous peoplesYichao Chen
22.10.2018Women in the Arctic : economy, governance and politicsGrilli, Adamaria, 1947-