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Sep 30, 2015Acquiring bilinguality : a multiple case study of Russian-speaking bilinguals in ReykjavikMaria Shukurova 1984
Jun 27, 2017Að leggja rækt við sjálfbærni í spænskukennslu : starfendarannsóknBibiam Fry 1974
Oct 13, 2010African women in Iceland : cultural conflict and social adjustmentPatience Adjahoe Karlsson
Jun 27, 2013Are some more equal than others? : English as a global and academic skill in IcelandFreyja Melsted 1991
Jun 29, 2011Can democratic states and their democratic values secure a fair and good education for all?Gregory William Langlais
Oct 13, 2010Children’s Fundamental Human Rights to Education: A comparative look at litigations that have helped to shape this conceptSaint Paul Edeh 1979
Oct 20, 2010Creating Dialogue with ParentsMargarita Hamatsu
Oct 14, 2016Critical pedagogy in action : a brief, comparative examination of educational systems in Bhutan and among the Zapatistas in MexicoJosé M. Tirado 1959
Feb 20, 2013Drama in the mixed-ability EFL classroom : observing its effects on motivation and self-confidenceBess Renee Neal 1980
Mar 14, 2012Education as a human right : inclusion and social justiceSaint Paul Edeh 1979
Feb 20, 2013Establishing a Filipino mother tongue program in Reykjavík : an action research projectKriselle Lou Suson Cagatin 1988
Oct 13, 2010Foreigners working in Icelandic pre-schoolsJohanna Ann-Louise Carin Läärä
Mar 21, 2013Hjallastefnan and professionalism : preschool personnel's sense of securityMegumi Nishida 1975
Aug 30, 2016Language acquisition : acquiring languages beyond knowledge in first languageAbena Acheampomaa Darko 1980
Aug 30, 2016Leisure-time centres in IcelandGermina Kharlanova 1988
Aug 30, 2016Misunderstandings due to cultural differences : two Filipino mothers experiences with the Icelandic educational systemAgnes Renegado 1989
Nov 18, 2011Motivating the multicultural studentMichelle (Mica) Allan
Oct 14, 2016Multiple dimensions of bilingualism : a theoretical overview.Telma Velez 1980; Dolores Rabanes 1987
Jul 22, 2013Non-governmental organisations and education for sustainable development : two case studies in IcelandDrífa Guðmundsdóttir 1983
Sep 24, 2012Overconfident and Bored : a report complimenting a phenomenological documentary of young people who were called intelligent by parents and teachers, yet experienced significant academic struggles in secondary schoolSeth Sharp 1973
Jun 27, 2013The road to sustainability : introducing sustainability to children in Icelandic primary schoolsKatla Brynjarsdóttir 1991
Jun 28, 2011Social adjustment of African children in Icelandic compulsory schoolsCatherine Enyonam Sævarsson
Sep 24, 2012Social integration of unemployed immigrants : a comparison of integration programs in Jyväskylä and ReykjavíkJohanna Ann-Louise Carin Läärä 1986
Dec 13, 2011Storytelling and writing for multicultural awareness in Icelandic schools : an action research in two partsRaywatee (Ranie) Sahadeo
Sep 18, 2012Sustainability, interculturality and holistic well-being : the three pillars of life skills educationJuan Camilo Román Estrada 1978