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Feb 18, 2016Analysing the Geothermal Project Life Cycle by Using the Design Structure MatrixWitt, Magnus de 1988-
Feb 4, 2016Casing Coupling for Extreme Temperature SettingHaraldur Orri Björnsson 1984
Feb 18, 2016Direct Utilization of Geothermal Energy for Space Cooling in NicaraguaJón Sigurður Pétursson 1988
Apr 13, 2011Gas Chemistry of the Hellisheidi Geothermal SystemSamuel Warren Scott 1987
Mar 23, 2017Geothermal Energy: Silica precipitation and utilizationAníta Hauksdóttir 1990
Feb 9, 2015Improving Geothermal Steam Purity for a Wellhead Geothermal Power PlantLárus Guðmundsson 1984
Mar 14, 2011Potential economic and environmental advantages of lithium-ion battery manufacturing using geothermal energy in IcelandPai-Chun Tao
Feb 11, 2014Review of H2S Abatement in Geothermal Plants and Laboratory Scale Design of Tray Plate Distillation TowerEsteban Rodríguez 1987
Feb 10, 2015A review of mineral scaling and its mechanisms in Hveragerði geothermal district heating systemAlmar Barja 1988
Mar 22, 2017Strategies, structures and processes for owning and operating an Energy Resource ParkShaun David Tudor 1986
Jan 12, 2017Thermal front velocity modelling and lumped parameter simulationAchou, Yapi Donatien, 1976-
Feb 18, 2016Thermoeconomic analysis of geothermal power cycles for IDDP-1 chloride mitigationMereto, Alberto , 1992-
Feb 18, 2016Tracer testing in the Svartsengi geothermal field in 2015Sigrún Sverrisdóttir 1990