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Apr 28, 2014The "scramble" for the Arctic - protection of the marine mammals. Increasing activity, increasing noise, increasing threats – legal regulationBalounová, Eva, 1989-
Jun 24, 2009A Legally Binding Regime for the ArcticStefán Þór Hauksson
Jun 21, 2010Arctic offshore oil and gas concerns: maritime law, sustainable development and human rights : a brief look at Iceland & GreenlandGuðmundur Egill Erlendsson
May 5, 2015The Arctic Voice at the UN Climate Negotiations: Interplay Between Arctic & Climate GovernanceDuyck, Sébastien, 1983-
Jun 21, 2010Consistencies and inconsistencies in the national strategies of the Arctic littoral statesHarry Borlase
Apr 26, 2010Iceland's Arctic Strategy. Security challenges and opportunitiesJón Ágúst Guðmundsson 1979
Jan 21, 2014The Long March North. Iceland and China´s Arctic Strategies: A SynthesisPáll Þór Sigurjónsson 1986
Feb 16, 2015Security outlook of the Arctic states and perspectives on NATO’s involvementZhilina, Irina, 1989-
Jun 21, 2010The recognition of indigenous peoples’ rights in the context of area protection and management in the ArcticAntje Neumann
Jun 21, 2010The rights to self-determination of the indigenous peoples : illustrated by Arctic indigenous peoplesYichao Chen
Jun 21, 2010Trans-Arctic shipping: The Icelandic perspectiveHúni Heiðar Hallsson
Mar 25, 2014Tækifæri EimskipsGuðjón Gestsson 1980
Sep 13, 2011Tækifæri og ógnanir við hagsmuni Íslendinga á NorðurslóðumGuðmundur Magnússon 1966