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Jul 2, 2015Boeing 757-200 Interior Simulation for Cabin Air Quality AnalysisSigurður Ingi Einarsson 1971
Sep 13, 2016Degradation of NiTi springs through electronic actuationSævar Örn Einarsson 1992
Aug 20, 2015Dust Maker a Volcanic Ash Dispersion UnitEiður Örn Þórsson 1979
Aug 30, 2012Greenhouse climate model : an aid to estimate the influence of supplemental lighting on greenhouse climateBinotto, Marco 1987
Aug 20, 2015Low Cost Spectrometer for Icelandic Chemistry EducationGunnar Óli Sölvason 1986
Oct 1, 2012On the Effects of Buoyancy on Passive Particle Motions in the Convective Boundary Layer from the Lagrangian ViewpointBouhlali, Lahcen, 1975-
Feb 11, 2014Phosphorus and its effects on the current effciency in aluminium electrolysisPetre Manolescu 1984
Aug 30, 2012Production of biomass from algae fed on geothermal flue gasÓlöf Kolbrún Hrafnsdóttir 1985
Aug 7, 2013Raw material selection and furnace operation for optimal energy efficiency and silicon recovery in Ferro Silicon productionHrefna Hallgrímsdóttir 1986
Feb 17, 2016Redesign of the SureTrack Grader Transfer Bin using Axiomatic Design TheoryKristján Gerhard 1981
Jan 25, 2017Sectional Overhead Door CaclulatorMagnús Þór Gestsson 1985
Feb 17, 2016Trawl-Door Shape Optimization Using Space-Mapping-Enhanced Kriging SurrogatesIngi Mar Jónsson 1983
Aug 20, 2015Wind Energy and Weather Conditions in the Icelandic HighlandsJón Ágúst Sigurðsson 1986