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Sep 12, 2017AGILITY - Unleashing human and organizational potentialKristrún Anna Konráðsdóttir 1977
Aug 29, 2013Aligning targeted marketing with academic program development goals – case study of MPM programKristín Stefanía Þórarinsdóttir 1978
Aug 30, 2012Applying Process Methodology to Environmental Assessment ManagementPáll R. Valdimarsson 1963
Sep 12, 2017Benchmarking best practice: Excellence in rehabilitation, recovery and social reintegration for people with substance abuse problemsHelga Sif Friðjónsdóttir 1975
Sep 12, 2012The benefits of PMOs in Icelandic organizations and why some have been shut downSigurður Bjarni Gíslason 1978
Aug 29, 2013Bringing Out the Best: Validating the ICB-3 Behavioural Competence Assessment Survey for the Maturation of the Project Management ProfessionÓsk Sigurðardóttir 1975
Aug 29, 2013Continuous improvement projects in certified organizations in Iceland: Traditional projects or not?Sigríður Jónsdóttir 1964
Mar 5, 2012Decision Making in Darkness: an Analysis of Initial Decision Making Prerequisites in Public Projects in IcelandAndri Már Reynisson 1985
Aug 29, 2013Decisive complexity : the NLSH decision making process compared with theoretical decision making modelsHans Gústafsson 1960
Nov 10, 2016Definition of done in practiceBjörgólfur Guðbjörnsson 1985
Aug 8, 2016The effects of scope definition and planning on creativity managementRafael Cao Romero Millan 1974
Feb 9, 2015Excellence in Project Management: An Icelandic StudyEyjólfur Eyfells 1983
Sep 11, 2017The Eye of Excellence: Achieving excellent results with a Project Excellence ModelAnna Kristín Kristinsdóttir 1986; Ásta Lára Jónsdóttir 1982
Aug 4, 2016Facebook for the future virtual project manager : a study of Facebook’s potential as a communication platform for virtual project managementFreyr Finnbogason 1981
Mar 5, 2012Feasibility analysis procedures for public projects in IcelandHafliði Richard Jónsson 1967
Feb 5, 2015Feasibility studies in construction projects in IcelandÁsta Ósk Stefánsdóttir 1983
Sep 12, 2012Finance organizational core culture: how do they succeed?Jónína Björk Erlingsdóttir 1976
Sep 12, 2017From Sinking to ThinkingStefán Snorri Stefánsson 1957
Feb 12, 2013Frumskýrslugerð opinberra framkvæmda : tilviksrannsókn á skýrslum um VaðlaheiðargöngHelgi Vignir Bragason 1972
Aug 29, 2013Geographical Sovereignty in Times of Crisis: The Eyjafjallajökull Eruption and the International CommunityEinar Pétur Heiðarsson 1971
Aug 4, 2016Hard or soft skills? : how the Erasmus plus project leaders view the relative importance of skills when it comes to conducting their projectsIngunn Jónsdóttir 1976
Sep 9, 2014The House of Competency of the quality managerElín Raghildur Jónsdóttir 1966
Aug 29, 2013How a Project Management Office can help the Icelandic Gaming Industry achieve its goalsAðalsteinn Haukur Sverrisson 1973; Elmar Bergþórsson 1979
Sep 11, 2017How far can simulation be used to improve inter-team dynamics between emergency teams?Börkur Brynjarsson 1972
Sep 4, 2014How increased knowledge affects operators’ opinions - a case study.Ingibjörg Gróa Magnúsdóttir 1981