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Aug 26, 2015Adolescent Cannabis Use in Relation to Parents and PeersÍsak Stefánsson 1992
Sep 1, 2014Adolescents with Physical Disabilities and Their Wellbeing and Peer Relationships Within Secondary Schools in IcelandEdda Þorvarðardóttir 1992
Aug 27, 2015Adolescents' Internet Use: Academic Achievement and Well-beingEir Arnbjarnardóttir 1990
Aug 14, 2017Adults referred to the ADHD clinic in Iceland : clinical characteristicsBára Sif Ómarsdóttir 1991
Aug 20, 2015Alcohol Consumption in Individual Sports and Team SportsAndri Guðjohnsen 1989
Sep 26, 2013Association between cannabis use and depression : a cross-sectional population studyMarteinn Ingason 1978
Jun 21, 2017The association between childhood trauma and social support among Icelandic adolescent sexual perpetrationGuðbjörg Lilja Gylfadóttir 1987
Aug 11, 2016The association between family structures and depressive symptoms among childrenSunneva Reynisdóttir 1992
Jun 22, 2017The association between sugar consumption and mental well-being and perceived energyLilja Dögg Færseth Ólafsdóttir 1994
Jun 22, 2017The association between women's masturbation, sexual subjectivity and sexual assertivenessHildur Ýr Hilmarsdóttir 1988
Aug 10, 2016The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfactionIndíana Rós Ægisdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Associations between childhood sexual abuse, body image and the development of eating disordersSvava Guðrún Helgadóttir 1992
Aug 25, 2015Associations between childhood sexual abuse, substance use and body imageErna Björnsdóttir 1989
Jun 22, 2017Athletes mental skills and stress factors : in the preparation of competing at the Olympic GamesÍris Mist Magnúsdóttir 1987
Sep 24, 2013Attitude Measurement and Response Bias in a National-Referendum about a New Icelandic ConstitutionSævar Már Gústavsson 1991
Aug 9, 2017Attitude towards depression : are there differences in attitude towards depression and cancer?Þorgeir Dalmar Ragnarsson 1993
Aug 11, 2016Attitude towards sex offenders : an Icelandic sample of psychology students and the general publicSara Björgvinsdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Attitudes and beliefs towards mental disordersSturla Brynjólfsson 1988
Aug 11, 2016Attitudes towards cannabis legalization in IcelandSigurbjörg Lára Kristinsdóttir 1991
Jun 20, 2017Attitudes towards cosmetic surgery among IcelandersArnþrúður Dís Guðmundsdóttir 1993
Jun 22, 2017Attitudes towards immigrants in Iceland : in-groups and out-groups, national pride, gender differences, education and job threatKolbrún Eyjólfsdóttir 1992
Jun 21, 2017Behavior problems in elementary and preschool : prevalence, attitudes & resourcesDagný Hermannsdóttir 1985
Aug 16, 2016Believability of negative automatic thoughts : psychometric properties of the Automatic Thoughts Questionnaire – Modified VersionSævar Már Gústavsson 1991
Aug 16, 2016Body image and eating disorders symptoms among Icelandic athletesPetra Sigurðardóttir 1988
Aug 9, 2016Body image concerns and depressed mood : a study on gender and sexual orientation differencesErna Björk Einarsdóttir 1992