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Aug 9, 2017The effects of physical activity on life satisfaction : a study on Icelandic adolescentsThelma Björg Magnúsdóttir 1991
Aug 28, 2014Effects of Poor Subjective Sleep Quality on Symptoms of Depression and Anxiety among AdolescentsKristín Gunnarsdóttir 1986
Aug 14, 2017Functional neurological symptoms : clinical manifestations and the effects of interdisciplinary rehabilitation ; a case studyBerglind Jóna Jensdóttir 1968
Jun 21, 2017Health anxiety symptoms among Icelandic fibromyalgia patients and their impact on quality of lifeDagmar Ólafsdóttir 1985
Aug 16, 2016Psychometric properties of the Icelandic manchester short assessment of quality of life (MANSA) and its possible utility in IcelandÓttar Guðbjörn Birgisson 1984
Aug 20, 2015Quality of life among Icelandic people with intellectual disabilities: Exploring positive characteristicsMargrét Brynja Guðmundsdóttir 1992
Aug 24, 2017Quality of life and coping mechanisms among adults with ADHDRagnhildur Bjarkadóttir 1979
Jun 22, 2017Sexual abuse, alcohol consumption, and life satisfaction among Icelandic adolescents : the effects of gender and social supportIngibjörg Erla Jónsdóttir 1993
Aug 14, 2017Transdiagnostic cognitive behavioral group therapy for fathers : a pilot study, effects on perceived social support, dyadic satisfaction and quality of lifeEva Sjöfn Helgadóttir 1987
Feb 16, 2017Wellbeing and self-esteem in Icelandic adolescents and the elderlyKaren Sif Óskarsdóttir 1992
Aug 15, 2016Where are they now? Long-term outcome of children with autism who received early intervention during their preschool years : a pilot study of 15 young adultsBirta Brynjarsdóttir 1987