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Dec 16, 20103D Modeling of a Geothermal Reservoir in the Central Part of Kosice Basin in the Eastern SlovakiaKatarína Kamenská
Dec 15, 20103D Modeling of Geothermal Reservoirs: Case Study from Subtatric Basin in Western Carpathians, SlovakiaLucia Hlavacova
Dec 14, 2010Akureyri’s district heating system : an optimization study: optimization of supply temperatureMichał Pachocki
Aug 29, 2011Aluminum alloy drill pipe in geothermal drilling : technical and economical opportunitiesErin Rebecca Anderson
May 21, 2012Biodiesel potential in IcelandBorkowska, Swietlana, 1980-
Mar 18, 2011Biomass based combined heat and power plant with integrated biomass drying and subsequent pyrolysis : steady-state simulation with multiperiod district heating model and environmental performance in Eropean conditionsHubert Waldemar Hadera
Dec 8, 2010Bioprocess Design: The GEOGAS Project: Bioremediation of geothermal gases and SCP production with HOX/SOX bacteriaMichał Monit
Dec 20, 2010Considerations regarding modeling of MW-scale IG-SOFC Hybrid Power SystemJakub Kupecki
Dec 15, 2010Corrosion in the Kalina cycle : an investigation into corrosion problems at the Kalina cycle geothermal power plant in Húsavík, IcelandPeter Whittaker
Dec 21, 2010Design and optimization of standardized organic Rankine cycle power plant for European conditionsMaciej Lukawski
Mar 22, 2011Design of a water-CO2 evaporator : adoption of a carbon dioxide heat pump to geothermal conditionsMateusz Tatys
Mar 22, 2011Development of novel air electrode materials for fuel cells : solar activated fuel cellsBartlomiej Piotr Kolodziejczyk
Mar 14, 2011The effect of ruthenium crossover in polymer electrolyte fuel cells operating with platinum-ruthenium anodeAnna Trendewicz
Jan 6, 2011Effectiveness of financial support in European Union countries in terms of bioenergy : differences between Germany, Poland and SpainMagda Kozak
Mar 18, 2011Embodied energy counting of sustainable heat, power and steel processesMagdalena Losowska
Mar 21, 2011Environomic optimal design of geothermal conversion systems using life cycle assessmentDominika Matuszewska
Dec 14, 2010Exploration of Geothermal Systems with Petrel Modeling SoftwareDorottya Bartucz
Mar 17, 2011A feasibility and economic study into the use of micro hydro power applications to generate electricity from the Victoria Capital Regional District’s municipal water facility. Victoria, British Columbia, Canada.Eri Andres Boye
Dec 20, 2010Feasibility study of binary geothermal power plants in Eastern Slovakia : analysis of ORC and Kalina power plantsMartina Kopunicova
Dec 21, 2010Feasibility study of CHiP plants in the European Union using pure plant oilsMichal Krzyzaniak
Mar 21, 2011Feasibility study of geothermal utilization of remoteness areas : design and optimization of a small standard power plantEmma Baz Gonzalez
Mar 10, 2011A feasibility study of using Biomethane as an alternative fuel for taxis in the Reykjavík capital areaHannes Arnórsson
Dec 16, 2010Formation of lanthanum zirconates in solid oxide electrolysis cells : experimental studiesPedro Miguel da Costa Almeida
Jan 6, 2011Fungi tar degradation : possible application for micro-scale slow pyrolysis rotary kilnPetra Bozic
Mar 15, 2011HEP together with wind farm WEP : simulation of energy generation and water level in the reservoirKarol Strak