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May 29, 2012Active Shape Models in the Poultry Processing IndustryCagatin, Francis Suson, 1982-
May 26, 2010An optimized MIMO PID controllerHinrik Ingi Hinriksson 1981
Jun 15, 2016Energy Harvesting. Energy harvesting with prosthetic feetGunnar Páll Halldórsson 1990
Jun 16, 2009Growth and electrical characterization of thin film silicon on MG-Si for solar cell applicationsDavíð Már Daníelsson 1979
Jul 13, 2015Hyperspectral Unmixing Using Total Variation and Sparse MethodsJakob Sigurðsson 1972
Jan 12, 2015Modeling and Stability analysis of proposed Wind Farm at Búrfell, IcelandArshad, Abdul Rehman, 1990-
Apr 16, 2013Modelling and Stability Analysis of Berlin Geothermal Power Plant in El SalvadorAguirre Lopez, Luis Alonso, 1979-
Oct 11, 2012Musical tone recognition system for interval tone training on mobile devicesHilmar Þór Birgisson 1986
Jun 10, 2013Pansharpening and Classification of Pansharpened ImagesFrosti Pálsson 1974
Jan 24, 2011Smooth noisy PCA Using a First Order Roughness PenaltyJakob Sigurðsson 1972