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Aug 10, 2016The association of female masturbation with self-esteem, body image and sexual satisfactionIndíana Rós Ægisdóttir 1992
Aug 11, 2016Depression and anxiety in attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder : moderating and mediation effects of self-esteem and social supportStefanía Jónsdóttir 1990
Aug 24, 2015Effects of parental and peer support on self- esteem in adolescentsHelga Hafdís Gunnarsdóttir 1990
Aug 9, 2016Facebook "mommy groups" : upward and downward social comparisonGuðrún Helga Guðlaugsdóttir 1990
Aug 28, 2014Facebook Use Amongst Adolescents in Iceland: The Effects on Self-Esteem and Life SatisfactionKaterina Inga Lionaraki 1991
Aug 11, 2016Facebook use and the association with self-esteem and depressionRagnhildur Tinna Jakobsdóttir 1990
Aug 14, 2017Functional neurological symptoms : clinical manifestations and the effects of interdisciplinary rehabilitation ; a case studyBerglind Jóna Jensdóttir 1968
Nov 18, 2013The impact of physical activity on self-esteem and how it may affect adolescents living under family conflictEdona Hoda 1987
Aug 25, 2015Pathways to Risky Sexual Behavior: The differential effects of Body Image and Self-Esteem on Risky Sexual Behavior across Gender Among Icelandic AdolescentsRakel Rut Björnsdóttir 1990
Jun 22, 2017Physical activity and self-esteem among adolescents : gender difference and the impact of physical activity intervention on adolescent´s self-esteemÍris Björg Birgisdóttir 1980
Aug 24, 2015Relationship between self-esteem, body image and well-being and achievement in school: A comparison between single-sex and mixed-sex classes.Hildur Harðardóttir 1989
Aug 24, 2015Risk Factors Leading to Teenage PregnancyElín Guðmundsdóttir 1991
Aug 10, 2016Sexual double standard in Icelandic society : effects of gender, sexual history and the impact on self-esteem and depressionÍris Hilmarsdóttir 1994
Aug 11, 2016Social comparison on Facebook : effects on state self-esteem, self-evaluation and affective statesTinna Rós Rudolfsdóttir 1990
Aug 16, 2016The status of transsexual people in Iceland : sociodemographic and clinical characteristics, psychological well-being, self-esteem and quality of lifeKatrín Ella Jónsdóttir 1987
Jun 21, 2017The relationship between social media use and self-esteem : gender difference and the effects of parental supportHanna Rún Ingólfsdóttir 1989
Feb 16, 2017Wellbeing and self-esteem in Icelandic adolescents and the elderlyKaren Sif Óskarsdóttir 1992
Aug 2, 2012The Youth in Europe Project-The Relation Between Physical Activity and Mental HealthTómas Leifsson 1985